Now the Real Teams Advance

WIN OR LOSE…This is gonna be one great Cup game…watch out T.O…GO BOMBERS :rockin: :thup:

I hope it's a killer game. The ultimate Banjo Bowl. This will be a classic!

I wish I could make it to Toronto...

are you kidding me the Grey cup is going to craptacklure.
an all West Shootout.
I am glad I did not buy ticket to soon to be Blowout.
Just Crown the riders forget the game.
The Bombers don't stand Chance without Glen.

As Much Hate the Argos
I'd Rather See them Make the grey Cup.
for a real Grey cup Game East Vs West.

This really West vs West. Who Cares..

Since you're a Ticat fan I thought you'd know that a teams success is dictated by more than just their QB. (see: Casey Printers/Hamilton Tigercats)

Maybe Joseph will slip in some of Turkey's crap and hurt himself, its all over the place.

How exciting a game would that be with the backup banjo qbs? yuck

Thank you for your continued support.

At least the party will be amazing with all those Westerners showing everyone how it's done :wink: