Now that we have Armstead...

a receiver no matter how talented,is only as good as the person throwing him the ball. you can put all the talent you want at receiver but if the passes arent there,neither will the catches

Maas is garbage....the sooner you come to grips with the truth the better.

woody, if these guys are able to look at
the bright side of life, why can't you?

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Back to the topic....

I think this will turn out to be a good trade. Ralph, Armstead and Bauman should be a potent group of receivers....IF they have a QB who can get the ball to them regularly and accurately.
I saw on CH last night that Armstead will join the Tiger Cats today for practice and will play Saturday.
Nice to see that Marcel has not gone to sleep. I would sure like to see his "things to do" list to see what else we can expect that could help us salvage the season and also set us up for the long term.