Now that we have Armstead...

any insight on what our receiving corps will look like?

how long will it take for him to game ready?

will he step in on special teams immediately?

I would expect him to return kicks and punts starting Saturday.

As for being in the starting offense, it's likely that he will be eased into the lineup. I don't think he will be in for that until Labour Day.

As for how he fits in the depth chart, he is going to be at wideout, I would think. Does that necessitate Bauman shifting to slot? I'm not sure, but given the physical tools Chris has, if the transition is to be made, this would be the ideal time to work on that.

Ralph should stay at slot, IMHO. I like the idea of having at least one breaker a slot.

I would be interested to see how others feel the depth chart should be.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would take Walker out of the slot and put Armstead there. Ralph and Walker in the slots.... Bauman and Curry at WR

I like it. Ralph and Armstead would be easily the fastest slot duo in the league, and I think it would helpful to let Bauman stay where he seems comfortable

Now if we could just get the "QB with the arm" in know, the guy that throws the ball to these guys :lol:

Anybody else watch the games the last couple of days??? QB's who can throw...what an amazzing concept! :roll:


Talman Takes over starting role from Bauman when healthy.


You could also reverse the roles of French & Curry.

You just couldn't wait to get that dig in, could you woody? Here we are discussing a way to get Armstead into the lineup, and you have to bash Maas.

And people wonder why this site is turning into a garbage pit...

Danny Mac retired, woody. :lol:

Woody is correct. The proof that its the QB is scattered throughout the league with successful ex-Cats playing for new teams. It has never been about the recievers

to borrow one of your most famous quotes....

sigh... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

what dig??? All I did was contribute positively to the thread. Mentioning that we need a "healthy QB" who can throw the ball to our receivers is hardly a "dig"!

However the comments by yourself and others chastising posters is getting to be a bit much. :thdn:

OH...and thanks for that "timely info" on D'Mac there RFTT. :roll:

Internal strife....Most excellent :lol:

By reading this comment, one can only assume that you too are tired of the "status quo" and realise that we need a QB who can "throw the ball with conviction and accuracy"! A change would be nice! :wink:

Nothing is going to change in your kick-return game until and unless your returner gets better blocking from special teams. I don't care how good or fast you are; even the best returners need a good scheme, good execution, and at least one key block as they're catching the ball and heading upfield.

If we could keep the thread on the topic that the person who started the thread intended just once it would be great.

I had a really good talk about this trade last night when I first heard and I think we made a good trade on this one. I'm sorry to see Corey and Chris go, but I think Armstead can add the boost to the receiving corps that we need. Sadly, Corey really didn't get a chance to contribute much due to underuse and injury trouble. Hopefully he will get a chance to show his stuff out in Sask.

Should be interesting to see the way the depth chart will look.


INTERNET BULLY ALERT!!!! -get the cyber police in here asap!!!!

sigh :roll:


I get a little tired of people running down anyone who expresses an opinion in regards to the QB position. When a team is losing the QB position is always the first place you look. I can't think of any struggling footbal team that has not had a QB controversy especially when they start 1-6. Coming off a by week and adding some new receivers is a great time to start a new QB. If Chang struggles their is no pressure on Maas coming off the bench which is what he does best. No point having a new receiver with blazing speed if your QB can't go deep with any consistency.

I have no problem with people having their say about the QB situation even if i don’t always agree with what they say, but why does it have to dominate EVERY thread?

Let me suggest why...the "powers that be" are still trying, after a year and a half to justify the "deal with the devil"...the Maas Mess!

In one breath they say they are going to use our weapons properly (Holmes, Lumsden etc.) Oh or two games gets some change of play..but the QB situation??? They traded off Flick and then trade Holmes for Armstead! :? SAME-OLD SAME-OLD!

Mentioning a new receiver and our QB's in the same thread, is Very Relative!

This thread is about how the TEAM and COACHES utilize Armstead - NOT about the QB situation.

BHG has it right in her post.

You can quit "grasping at straws" any time! :roll:

The last time I looked...a receiver has to have a ball thrown to him by a QB!

It's Very Relevant! Mr. Armstead will be used as much as Mr. Holmes if the other players remain the same!

Holmes and Armstead returned kicks and saw limited action other than that! Other than faces and places...What's changed?