Now that we have all vented...

Yes we do have a lot of problems in Ti Cat land...
The Cats can turn this dreadful start to the 2017 season around.
ONLY because of the horrid play of the other Eastern Teams this year.
The Cats don't have 9 lives..they have 8, and must stop the free fall Friday Night
when Ottawa comes to town..period.
This game means everything towards the balance of this season.
They have a run coming up against the East Teams...that are for the most part playing bad football.
I want to see a Ti Cat Team come out to play as if it was their last.
I want to see focus by everyone...and I mean everyone.
No more of this joking around on the you are getting your ass handed to you on a the Winnipeg game.
Look up into the stands Players...and Coaches.
You have die hard fans..wearing bags on their heads.
THAT should tell you everything...
Get your act together....bottom line.

We just don't have the talent to beat anyone period.
Nice thought thou.

Speaking of Talent, I guess Ed Gainy and Bakari Grant weren't good enough and were shipped out.
HMMM Looked pretty good to me.

Sure they CAN turn it around. Whether they will or not is another story.

They have the talent...we don't have the Coaching.
Mind you if the Coaches want to keep cutting Players like Hill...he was one bright spot on Defence.
And I agree...too many Players have been shown the door and gone on to do very well on other Teams.
So I continue to ask myself..what the hell is up with that ?
Friday Night..will tell everyone..everything.



SJ: Yup. But I guess this just your time to vent.
Many of us have been saying this AND pointing to the serious problems that this team has been facing since last season. They are way past providing all the well-worn generalities you say you want from this team. The issue now is change. Austin is the one in charge and is responsible for this season's horror show. How long can he last before it's too late to conduct an in-depth search for a new HC in time for next season?
There are some very insightful posts here on this Board and on 3 Down Nation that are great reads and are way beyond venting.
Many of us long-suffering fans have been here before....watching a losing team with a HC who has lost the team. If there is any lesson to be learned it is that management needs to recognize that and start the changes. Tillman and Austin need to be replaced. Whether it's them or a lack of money for players, patching things up with the end-of-career June Jones and Phillip Lolley won't prepare this team for the future. If that doesn't convince you, just look at the other teams in the league and see how far ahead of us they are and who their coaches are.

I don't think the problem is so much that those ex-TiCats who people are naming go on to play so well for other teams, as it is that we apparently did not or can not get them to play as well for us when they are here. They were either chronically injured and therefore of no use, or chronically under-performing and therefore deserving of their release. Poster boy for that was Anthony Cavillo.

Other than a few like Terrell Sinkfield who blossomed here after his departure from Toronto, it is hard to think of many players coming in who have performed in Hamilton in the same fashion as those who have left. While a few are like Danny Mac and Darren Flutie, coming in at a high level and maintaining it, too many, like Jason Maas and Casey Printers come here an seemingly flop. As some said elsewhere, we are becoming the Toronto Maple Leafs of the CFL. Maybe it is a curse of Harold Ballard ownership?

I too believe Austin has to go. It's like the team has no where to go but up. Get a new coach and let him do the changes as he see's fit. As far as Hill goes I could see him being released. His history speaks for it's self. You have to think of the team first. As a coach always liked AL BRUNO may he RIP.

We beat Ottawa and we are still, and I don't believe either, only six points out of first in the LEast division. :o

I think pretty well everyone already knows everything they need to know about this edition of the Tiger-Cats. Friday night will be just more confirmation.

Unfortunately, Although Ottawa's record isn't much better than ours, their team is much better than ours. :-[

Of course, I still blindly hold out hope for a win. :o

You cannot keep a player that is constantly late for practices and meetings, has already had two absences for "family issues", and has been reported as a cancer in the locker room. Have you noticed that neither him nor Elliot have been signed by any other team in the league?

Not to mention Hill having a thug like mentality that got him a 1 game suspension for physically grabbing an official by his shirt during a game already this season . He also wasn't much good to us when he got tossed from that same game as well for his selfish stupidity by accosting that official but don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant .

As for the team and coaches cutting players , newsflash for ya......expect several more players to be pink slipped before this nightmare of a season is over . It comes with the territory when a team is win-less and sitting at an 0-7 record on the season .

..... I'm actually okay with a few more thugs on the defensive side of the ball.... maybe on the Oline too.... guys who take things personally. things like losing...

(not advocating for Hill's return, just saying "thug" may not have been the worst insult you could have given him)

Reinebold comes to the defense of Austin
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Even a recently fired coach, is telling the fans NOT to be ashamed of their he should have had to tell them....
Not sure if this will change the numbers on the bandwagon....