Now that we have all vented....again

It still is be a Ti-Cat fan.
I suggest that we pack the house, next week when the hated Argo's come to town.
Let's rally behind Coach Taaffe..and the players.
Better days are just ahead. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I really really really hope so!

This isn't a bad team, and to flub on opening night, out of town, isn't exactly the flush of the toilet, either.

Our hometown crowd out in force, against the hated Blue Guys, their current QB controversy, and our experience in defencing either Bishop or Damon...this could get good!

Hope we see a little more offensive ingenuity in utilising the receiving corps than we saw Saturday night...aside from Curry with a great grab and run, our reeivers are the "Invisible Men"...mind, if Maas can't direct it better, maybe it is time to re-think...

There were quite a few positives to take from this game.

Special teams i.e. Setta and Jo Jo player really well. If we scored with Radlien in the first half I think the game would have ended up a lot closer. Curry looked good and both Holmes and Lumdsen had good games.

Going into this season I really thought Calgary was the best team in the CFL. They are a much more experienced team so to play them at home was a very difficult task to begin with.

Absolutley. Calgary looked very fluid and almost mid-season like, with very few of the opening day rust spots. They are the team to beat. Argos on the other hand look shaky and ready for the feasting! Eat em Raw! Maas is staring at career failure here, he's gotta bounce back. :rockin: