Now that we are 2nd in the east

what are our chances to win the grey cup?

Oddly, the visiting team has won in all 3 meetings between Toronto and Montreal this season. So a Montreal victory in eastern final is not impossible., Toronto has two losses coming off bye-weeks this year.....could be a factor.....

You win this week and you wont even have to worry about making the Grey Cup.
Riders all the Way.

Blablabla, we bleed green, blablabla, we're gonna freakin' still have a regular season game to play and US also, we never know what might happen with injuries, oh and what about the atmosphere in the Sask Locker room since that player who has AIDS...

I'm sure it will affect the moral of the SASK players..even if they are professionnals....

Nope, no moral is hurt here. This has only make the team appreciate each other more and play harder.

In my opinon the winner of the Montreal/Sask game has a very good chance of going all the way. With one team beating the other, morale will be greatly boosted knowing that the hardest enemy is beaten. The two best teams are playing round one so this could easily be an early Grey Cup game here in the semi finals.

UnrealRider, that may be the feeling in Saskatchewan, but it ain't that of Montrealers. Don't get me wrong, I think the Riders are a capable team and they could surprise us (especially when we play the "shlt defense coverage"). But there's no way you are better than Toronto. The biggest challenge of anyone in the East are these boatmen. No wonder so many people already focus on the Montreal vs. Toronto eastern final, even if that is only three weeks away.

Just before you say it, I think that is a very bad approach. If we don't mind the Riders and think only of the Argos, chances are we won't even play in the Eastern final. One game at the time...

sjoint-chief, we have as many chances to win the Grey Cup as the other five teams with berths. Just any team can win three in a row. The playoffs are the most important three games we need to win.

4 out of 6 terams need 3 wins
2 other only need 2 wins.

only one team will have a non-losing record, thus being 2 or 3 games wining streak.

So, any one of those 6 teams might win it if they have a goos sequence.

Might as well shake dice and choose your lucky number.