Now THAT was unacceptable!

Poor Burris was running for his life a ton. He should have had way more time to throw considering how few Eskimo players were blitzing.

Too many rookie receivers not getting open. We need guys like Fantuz and Stala back in the line-up.

What does that have to do with it? It wouldn't have mattered it's the "O" line, that's the big problem. If they can't give the QB time to throw it does't matter who you have receiving. They can't block for the running backs either.

oline was bad, burris was bad.. the D was bad...

the D was bad week 1 also, that D is a huge concern.. they just dont look very good at all.. very little pressure on reilly and very poor tackling skills also... very little pressure on ray week 1 also..

The D is terrible...

kind of funny, you guys have the opposite problem of what my bombers have..

you have a pretty decent offence altho they didnt show up this game and a very very very bad defence

we got a pretty darn good defence and our offence isnt very good.

guess we will see what happens this week but.. ill say this, if your oline cant block, well... look out, thats all i have to say. :slight_smile:

Imagine a combined team; Winnipeg's defence and Hamilton's offence. They'd be first place.

Last place would be Montreal's offence combined with Hamilton's defence.

The question I have is why. Year in year out it is the same story. We change coaching staff, nothing changes. Seems to me it is about getting players into camp that are actually skilled BRING IN SOME TALENT.

Early shot by Bob Young at the coaching staff?

In my opinion, continuity is the issue. Too many changes in coaching and philosophy too quickly. The team progressed under coach Bellefeuille because he had time to build his system using his philosophy and had time to test and develop players. Now, quick changes in coaching and the process of development has to start all over each time. New guys in to look at, other guys out because they don't match the coach's pay for play ratios and on and on.

I guess the team management felt coach Marcel wasn't going to progress any further and they made the change. Then Cortez and his system with Obie's guys. Cortez didn't get to take the next step in progress and now Austin starting over again.

So are you saying that the Cats played even worse when field conditions were good, going down 16-0 in the first quarter?

It's not the coaching philosophy, it' s talent and the lack there of. Football is not rocket science, you run, you block, you tackle and you catch the ball in a desgined format. Simple as that. I think the biggest problem is the DT position. No one has bull rushed, swim, or ripped by any body in the first two games. If the DT can not create pressure, the DE are on there own. Without any front four pressure the DB are left far too long to cover. Is there any word on Tory Davis or any of the other DE who are currently injured? Has any one on the coaching staff done their homework and have any answers to this question that needs to be answered?

Thought Henry was constantly looking for receivers that were open and rarely found any...pretty well destroyed the passing game.The offensive line did a good job trying to give him time but at one point I counted 7 steamboats...come on receivers,do some work.

Exactly. There were many times that Henry had at least a few seconds and still couldn't unload the ball. The O-line can only protect for so long. I remember on one camera shot where Henry was scrambling and Giguere was just lackadaisically watching him instead of working to get open to help his QB. Burris was visibly upset on many of those plays.

Ticats need to use the run to set up the pass, for ball control, short-yardage, and to run out the clock. So far in 2 games we have seen none of these. Unless Chevon Walker is more hurt than we know he would be ideal as a pass-catching RB to complement Gable who is not an accomplished route-runner or pass-catcher. Surely with all the flexibility in positions, roles, etc. that KA was aiming for, there is a way to dress Gable AND Lindsey AND an American receiver (DI, anyone?) And NI RBs - Ticats cut Darryl Stephenson, then bring in an aging NI RB from the Als, he could help in the backfield with Walker. And Delahunt? - he blocks fairly well, but seems slow of foot and not a true FB. The Ticats have only 2 more games to sort out the jobs and roles on O AND D, and start playing well and winning, otherwise it is going to be a long season. I agree re receivers not coming back for the ball or to help Burris.

i just watched on PVR this morning.
gut wrenching, to say the least.
damn rain. this team does not play well in bad weather. last year's calgary snow game comes to mind.
i thought the cats would take it without problem.
i've never said 'wtf' so many times.
what a crappy way to start the day. 0-2.
both my ontario teams lost, and looked bad doing it. where are the RedBlacks when you need them? :wink:

Sadly, I saw that too. I had a few bozos in my section that were razzing Hank and kept yelling “throw the ball you pansy” and I finally had to say “who is he going to throw it to?” Nobody was getting open and they were rarely coming back to help Hank out. He was running for his life most of the game. The geniuses in my section were calling for him to be pulled midway through the second quarter. I actually heard someone repeatedly say we should bring Porter back. He wasn’t kidding. :roll:

Ticat fans always want somebody pulled and/or released and then when they're actually gone, not long after it's "bring them back!! What kind of moron releases a guy like that?"

Ticat fan logic is the best logic :thup: :thup:

Too true. Made me so thankful I wasn't taking the bus back with those bright lights. I might have been arrested :wink:

You know what else wasn’t acceptable…the lack of sellout. :frowning: I guess everyone bought the same 5 ticket flex pack.