Now THAT was unacceptable!

And it looks like the Defense was the problem, but it really wasn't. Yes, giving up 30 to the Eskimos is too much, but the turnovers created a critical TD for Edmonton.

Too many mistakes to feel like the team is headed the right direction.

I know, it poured, but it poured on both teams.

no excuses ..plain and simple we are not good....

Yup :cowboy:

I think this sums it up perfectly...

For the fill ins and auditioners...
Ingersoll a disaster, Norwood was a flop, Gant looked soft (killer drop in fourth), SCC was adequate .As predicted Webb and Colclough weren't missed - just more of the same. Great opportunity for one of the recs. to step up but they didn't- most of them looked like they wanted to get out of the rain.
No questions were answered and a couple of new ones popped up - O line was soft - Lamar looked rattled.

Training Camp 2013 goes on...

majordag, one game too late buddy, it was unacceptable last week and Totally unacceptable again?? Keep making excuses for the Tiger-Cats and we should start winning by week 17???

100% correct…

Colclough and Webb are totally replaceable…Didn’t even notice them missing because we got the same results on defence…

I suspect Ingersoll is going to be packing his bags at about 7:00 AM tomorrow and Norwood might be right behind him…

Welcome to Year 10 of the 5 Year Plan…

Perhaps, but last week offered some positives. This week, did not.

The coaches must have mixed emotions -- they get to dry off now, but then they have to watch the film of THAT.

Glad I kept my hard earned cash in my pocket ! same old song! Total REBUILD year yet again :thdn:

I thought this training camp was about getting the fundamentals down. Tackling was poor...offside penalties....undisciplined behaviour....maybe it was too soft....or teaching was bad....

8) Plain and are right !!!
   This is another joke team in the making.

Glad I have made the decision not to attend games in Guelph this season. This team is bad maybe even worse then last season. Some how our D got even worse then last year which is hard to believe. Now the offense looks mediocre as well. The change in coach hasn't changed anything. We were a one dimesional team last season but at least we had Avon to gain some yards on the ground. This season we have probably the worst ground attack and when Walker comes back that won't improve by much.

I don't think it's time to throw in the towel altogether. It's a long season and you can make progress throughout the year. In this league, you can start ugly and still win it all. Ti-Cats have done the ugly start thing. Time to turn it around.

Now, if progress doesn't start happening in the next three weeks and the team is 0-4 or 0-5, then you can start circling the wagons.

Great being back in the basement again!

Just like cheering for the leafs, at least you don't have to worry about the Ticats winning ever...I've finally accepted that fact!

Besides that, OUR SLOW SLOW f******** start killed us, Edmonton came out with a 16-0 nothing lead 7 mins in and we never recovered. Then the great equilizer showed up in the form of rain and Edmonton had already done enough in the first 7 mins to win the game, and THAT is the most frustrating part!!!!! Apart from having the worst D in the league once again!!


They played poorly today, no denying that, the part where you said "I know, it poured, but it poured on both teams" the timing of the rain was bad for the cats because they were losing 16-0 and had to shut down the running game, but Edmonton already had the lead when the rain started, which was in their advantage because they didn't have to adjust their game plans to the conditions.

Because, not enough people in your real life think you’re obnoxious?

Someone agrees

Bob Young ?@CaretakerBob 2m This years #Ticats too good a team to play that badly. Very disappointing for loyal and very soaked Ticat fans to witness.

Too few Cats came to play today. Too be fair, Fantuz was missed given what he did last week but the rest of them were just going through the motions. I mean did Giguere even play? To me, he exemplified the whole team. No one showed up to play.

An Argo-Cat fan