Now That The Season is Over- Off season changes to make?

get rid of all the j##ko$$ fans that know nothing about football!

I assume your one of the non “j##ko$$” fans that know everything about football right?

Me to, A-B, cf13.

Even an 'apologist' like me, Ken.

Re: Ken Peters

The Cats don't need slightly interested fans
or non-Sports fans listening to like-minded detractors

echoing his 'this team is hopeless' words
around the water coolers in this area.

I wish Joe Friday, the detective
on that old T.V. show, Dragnet

was Ken's editor at the Spec

and said this to him...

"My name is Friday—I'm you boss

All we want are the facts...just the facts, man.

C'mon. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

An Argo-Cat fan

I remember at the start of last year’s season when Bob was singing the praises of our new head coach and Charlie asked if he would still like him if they didn’t win. Bob answered , Yes… and we’ll miss you."
The time is fast approaching to “miss him”.