Now That The Season is Over- Off season changes to make?

Hey... this thread was coming sometime. It looks to me like this may not be too early.

(And guys, I'm not being overly negative. It sure looks like - effectively - that the season is over. The Winnipeg and Toronto games will tell the final tale but this appears to be a cross-over season. Montreal looks like they are in. If T.O. wins then we are in a hole without the right tools to dig us out this year. If the 'Peg wins then our game with them becomes perhaps the most important one of the season.)

How do you imagine the rest of the season playing out? Who do you see developing and who will be gone.

well yea the season is basically over. but i don't see a whole lot of player changes happening. I do however see some coaching changes COUGH Taaffe COUGH COUGH

Long time left before the season is over. The remaining games against the 'Peg and T.O. is all we need to worry about. Stranger things have happened in the CFL, but this team stinks and they don't look like they are going anywhere. Very astute post.

The Undertaker Era is characterized by a disturbing penchant of the Cats being unofficially eliminated before August begins.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

just lucky east is so pathetic. saying that, because of the crossover we gotta finish at least 2nd to make playoffs

this has to stop now. taafe must go for the owner to show the fans that this will not be tolerated anymore. I dont care who they bring in to coach, its not my job to find the new coach its obies. People always say "who you gonna bring in?" well....... its up to obie to find players and coaches and its time now for this coach to go.

Given that the Cats must now win at least 8 of their remaining 12 games, I think you can call this season done.

I don’t see the mass induced lady ready to sing quite yet. The Cats going winless in the next three games will probably determine if the season is a write off…

We're only one game back from second place lol, a little early to talk offseason. We're still in the playoff hunt folks.

if toronto wins we'll be 2 games back.

If winnipeg wins then we will be 1 game back out of THIRD

And if grandma were a guy you'd call her grandpa.

so hard to stay positive. Quite frankly i'm sick of it. Sick of Ken Peters, sick of oh next year, sick of trying to be positive, sick of excuses, sick of rebuilding, sick of losing, sick of Rick Zamperin, Sick of the league feeling sorry for the Cats, sick of the league making fun of the Cats, sick of being the door matts, sick of myself as i'm writing this paragraph. :?

Ya the key word is IF.

sounds to me you're a little sick of things

I hear you man! :thup:

yea but Toronto and Winnipeg are playing each other tomorrow.

So one of these 2 situations will be the situation

gosh just think - we could'a lost Charlie to west virginia and that would have been

wait for it..


Hey Charlie, when ya'll get there, say hello to my cousin Cleetis Bocephus Beetlejuice for me.

All thats required is the firing of your offensive co-ordinator and a good offensive line. Quaeterbacks need more time to throw, and more than called 7 yard outs on 2nd down and 10 to go.