Now that the league got the Ottawa story they wanted...

will they finally put an end to the "oopsy!" calls they've been screwing the Cats with?

I have said the same thing to myself..many times.
You are prob alot more correct with this thinking than not.
Time will tell.

I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories.

But let's say the league did give orders to fix or influence game outcomes. Can you think of any reason why Hamilton would not be the beneficiary, after all the years of hardship we've faced as fans?

Because even with all that hardship, the ship never sank. The team withstood all of it. They never disappeared. They have always been here and found a way. Ottawa needs wind in the sails to keep it going. Hamilton seems to have found a way to provide its own wind at the worst of times. Given the lack of interest in Toronto, it might as well not even be there. So if they were to lose Ottawa again, it would severely hurt the entire league.

Oh but we came close, my friend.... perilously close

I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories whatsoever concerning the CFL, especially including the officiating. I do believe in the need to improve it.

The Stamps plain and simple stunk out the joint. Mitchell was horrible, threw up some bombs to double or triple coverage and then was puzzled/bewildered by the interception or missed catch. And then he has the odacity to push his coach under the bus about the play call at game end. He is right but dont verbalize publicly. Shows his true character. Maybe if he would have played decently Dickerson would have put the ball in his hands! Not sure though about why Messam didn't get call.

After the way BLM called out his coach and receivers during and after the GC, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he was traded before next year. I could see him in double blue, and being replaced by Durant, who won't be back in Saskatchewan.

Seriously guys. Conspiracy? I dont think the league told Bo to play like a schmuck! He did thay all by himself as did every other Stamp player that performed poorly. Yes we have reason to complain in Hamilton about the officiating that lost us games and a league that admitted errors and did nothing more. But seriously, we would have probably lost to the Stamps yet again had we been there. Our demise this year and last is due to injury and lack of execution. Nothing more!

That sums it up about right.


People need to be held to account..
And if Glen Johnson does not have the "stones" to hold his people to account.
Then I hope the door does not hit him in the head..on the way out.
That is one of the biggest problems in the CFL.
People in positions..that should not be in them.
And no one is held to account.
"What a dream job" perhaps we should apply...
Not like the real world, at all. :thdn:

Kind of reminds me :lol: