Now that the Grey Cup is over...

…let’s put our Football heads together and think for a bit. Everybody on this site has their favourite players of all time. A member named “Zuger9? created (with the help of many) an all-time depth chart for the team. I wish to expand on this idea…

What I propose is to put together a Tiger-Cats All-Star Team for each decade (as far back as we can go). There are quite a few members with longer memories than I (Wilf, Mark, mightypope, Russ) that I would hope to give some insight into things.

Of course, there have to be rules. The easiest ones that I can think of (right now) are that we need the same Import/NI ratio AS IT EXISTS RIGHT NOW. That is, 20 NI with 7 starters. The other one is, if a player excelled in two decades, then he should be involved in both teams. For those of unquestioned greatness on both sides of the ball, then they can have two positions.

Let’s see of we can make up All-Star Teams for the following decades:


I would ask the moderators to put this as a “sticky? in order for us to easily find this thread.

Hopefully this will help to relieve the boredom of the next 6 months… lol

sig. you're giving us older guys far too much credit by starting your list with 1920-1929. We would have to be 100 years old to have seen games in that period.
As for myself, I can give you individual names from the 1940-1949 period, but a full roster?
Start with Joe Krol, Vince Scott. Eddie Bevan,Jimmy Simpson, Reg Wheeler, Al Dekdebrun, Mel and Gord Lawson, etc.

mightypope and merlin are far better qualified than I to make any attempt at anything resembling a full roster.

That said, I think your idea has a lot of merit, and I look forward to reading any and all submissions.

This could give us valuable reading in this sad off-season.

This is a neat idea. I still have zuger9’s all time roster, and it was excellent. I wonder what happened to that terrific forum member, I miss his knowledge.

I can’t go any earlier than the 1950s, with a very few exceptions.

One thing I’ve noticed… I can’t find the all-time roster that used to be on this site; it seems to have gone missing, perhaps in the most recent site update. I’ve looked for it a couple of times, but can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know why it was removed; some other teams still have theirs in place. Ours was a useful tool for lots of things, even just to reminisce or jog an imperfect memory; it would sure help to contribute to this latest initiative.

I actually intended to bring that to the attention of the site administrators as a Suggestion, but the Suggestion forum is completely locked. Maybe they don’t want any suggestions… I hope that’s not the case.

On this site:
Second heading from the left is "NEWS"
Under NEWS, second last choice is "2009 MEDIA GUIDE" - click on that
Under 2009 MEDIA GUIDE - click on "SECTION 5"
Sixth choice under SECTION 5 - ALL TIME ROSTER

Thanks very much. I never would have thought to look there. It used to be under History. Good to know it's still available.