Now that playoff teams have been decided

and regardless of who finishes first in the west

How I favor the teams as far as wanting them to win the cup


How I expect most likely to win


if BC can pull off another win here,

Calgary and Winnipeg will beat the crap out of each other in the Semi-Final.

Sask. offense was so-so this year, having some roller coaster performances. Their defense and special units are the reason why they might be first in West. However, with downside Calgary (like last year) and without Edmonton, Sask. has good chances to run to the Grey Cup. If Calgary doesn’t wake up, I think Ottawa has the best chances to win this year (I don’t see them loose against a weaken Hamilton or BC)

Don’t count out Winnipeg. They’re peaking at the right time. :wink:

But wait, at the same time at BC Place however in vogue profile,

Calgary 43
BC 8

Of course I’m biased in wanting the lions to win … however the lions will be on the road for the play offs no matter what and finishing with a loss at home and 2 in a row would be a difficult obstacle to over come for the away play off game. Also it’s Wally’s last game on home turf - so many reasons for Bc to bring their A game against the stamps.

One reason to NOT bring their A game, or play any of their starters, in a meaningless game is potential injuries.

Calgary has something for which to play in this game, the Lions do not.
Save your best for when it matters imo.

agreed, and in all phases. This is the best their D has looked.

Agreed. Though if Sask gets first, one game at sold out mosaic to go to the Grey Cup and I like their chances

Wally is not an ego.
He will not go for a win in his last home game knowing there is a bigger goal.
Look for a lot a resting lion players and a Calgary win

I don't think people are suggesting he would...I think most just feel that players will try to dig a little deeper for him in what would otherwise be a nothing game.

You can really only rest a half dozen players or so. I would suspect that, coming off a loss where Lulay basically said in the presser that he was stumped, that they are going to want to see him shake that off for half a ballgame or so.