Now that Jason Farr is in municipal government...

I assume it's the CP Railyards. That's why I voted for him.

I really wish we could. That isn't always the case though.

I must admit Farr has really improved as an announcer. He's not nearly as annoying as he once was and he actually comes up with a clever tidbit now an again. I respect that it's a tough decision for him and that it was his childhood dream to do this. I can honestly say that I did see Farr out campaigning and talking to people in the mall and he did canvass door to door and I'm sure he answered some very tough questions. If he is voting for the Railyards I'm happy. Scott Radley Wed Oct 27 2010

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Farr walks fine line on stadium debate

[url=] ... ium-debate[/url] you probably know, Farr is the Ticats' public address announcer.

In other words, he's officially tied to the organization.

This seems to create the potential for a conflict of interest

that leaves him three choices:

Vote anyway,

abstain from voting on the most-pressing issue in the city

or resign from his PA post.

This quote below matches my opinion.
A conflict of interest only arises if someone stands to gain financially from a vote he makes.

To that point, whether a stadium is built at
Aberdeen and Longwood — his preferred site —

or Confederation Park or somewhere else

seems unlikely to make any difference to the PA announcer's wallet.

Farr should pass the torch to someone new to give them a chance....and given the controversy with the stadium, I believe there is a conflict of interest now.

there is simply no need for Farr to do the stadium announcing's time to move on

Does anybody know if Jason is responsible for the music as well or is it handled by someone else? I don't mind Jason's announcing but I really don't like how the music is handled. I was talking to someone who used to be in section 7 and had moved down to the box seats to get away from the speakers. I was contemplating the same thing but if Jason were gone along with the loud music, I could save a few bucks. I'm not sure if it's Jason because some times the music seems to come on while he's talking and I can't believe he would do that.

As you said, CP Rail.

Anyways, I think it's a mute point. I suspect that by the time actually voting on the subject is going to come around we'll be into the post season and Farr's duties/contractual obligations would be over. At least, I'd assume that as stadium announcer doesn't strike me as a multi-year contract sort of endeavor but I could certainly be wrong with that one, we all know what happens when we assume.

Regardless, should it come earlier though, I'd much rather see him resign the announcer job and vote on the subject. Who knows how The Spec, CHCH, RTH, The Bay Observer and other media sources would spin his decision, and I'd rather not see more mud being flung into the murky, gator infested cesspool that the stadium issue has become.