Now that Jason Farr is in municipal government... you think that it will take up SO much time that he will have to give up his job as P.A. announcer?

Or is this too much to hope for?

I already asked that and I don't think so, but my other question was more about his vote on the stadium location being a bit of a conflict of interest if he is still employed as a stadium announcer by the Cats. I'm curious to see how it plays out.

If he stopped then he wouldn't be able to do his football announcer imitating a monster truck announcer act any longer.

Farr is obviously a Ticat fan, which is only a good thing for the stadium going forward in the proper way. One would think that he will help that process as much as possible, instead of pulling a McHattie.

Bratina hosted a radio show while he was city councilor, so I can't see why Farr wouldn't be allowed to be the P.A. for the Tiger-Cats a maximum of 11 times/year. Most games are Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not a lot of politicians work those days or nights.

politicians work????????????

I like the guy as an announcer, he's got a hardcore voice and sounds beastly when he's making the call's.Perfectly suits the hard nosed, blue collar IWS atmosphere and is 100x better then the businessman-like announcers throughout the rest of the CFL.The main complaint I hear is that he's too loud through the PA.Suggestion.Don't sit under it.Everywhere else in the stadium i've sat it sounds fine, but if you're under the booth or just near it the quality sucks.That's just the nature of the stadium design and the speakers.I don't care if i'm his only fan, I say he's the best stadium announcer in the CFL and am hoping he stays.
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin: :rockin:

for a minute, I thought the title said Jamie Farr.
then I thought, that fits :wink:

I was waiting for this.

I like Farr as well. The guy at the Argo games suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. He's terrible. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it was a recording and not a live person.

The Als guy was OK when I went to Montreal, but I think Farr is better.

I haven't been to any other stadia, but from the ones I have been to, I think Farr is the best.

Bill Kelly did both job's at the same time, just fine.

I guess if you want to run for City Hall the pathway goes through the Ivor Wynne announce booth.
Maybe I'll apply and be ready to run in four years time.

i dont think his jpb as a politician has anything todo with his p.a announcing job and as far as his vote goes if he likes a certain area hes gonna have that as his opinion anyways

I like Farr, provides IMO he improves the atmosphere by being so enthusiastic. Also, provides some good laughs because he messes up so often. :smiley:

jordan: I like Farr too. He brings some zany-ness and fun to the PA announcer’s job.
It gets a bit loud sometimes but that’s not a tough problem to solve.

What's Mayor Fred gonna do now? He's got a nice voice.

[url=] ... councillor[/url]

Farr seems to like CP

I've never had a problem with Farr. All announcers are a little over the top (too loud, too animated, too homer-ish.....). And it can only help the team that he's now on City council.

I think I remember that once upon a time Vic Copps was the stadium announcer.

Hmm, do you mean CP as in the Canadian Pacific Railyards, or CP as in Confederation Park.

Because from the article it appears he likes the railyards:
"...whether a stadium is built at Aberdeen and Longwood — his preferred site — or Confederation Park or somewhere else seems unlikely to make any difference to the PA announcer’s wallet. "

One could argue though that it isn't just a monetary aspect that could influence how he acts with respect to a stadium. Nevertheless I don't see a conflict of interest really. I think we all assume that someone who is a councillor is acting in a ethical and above board manner in all decisions he/she is involved in. Hopefully. Probably, well, that's another matter I suppose.