Now that I'm back...

...oh dear god what have I done...Niagara Falls, anyone?

Anyway, while I was away I watched an underrated Cowgary team humble an overrated gang-green..and thought, this team's got game. Then I watrched the red and black beat up Loserpeg and although we're not talking about a great team here (in the 'Peg) I'm thinkin' if the Esks don't beat the Stamps maybe no one will.

I have a great deal of respect for the Stampeders and th Lions but IMO the Stamps pose the greatest oposition for Edmonton. They're hot, they've got a great D and their QB is starting to hit his this the year 2000 agan?

Welcome back and hope that new ring does not change you too much. Thanks Moses coming from you that is a great compliment. I believe over the season many Stamp fans have been laying low wondering when someone would in fact say what you have just stated. The Eskies and The Stamps should put on a very good show. Regardless I just want an Alberta team to win it all. I think the Stamps are coming together just at the time. We will see I guess.

Damn straight.

Welcome back. My dad's a ******.

Welcome back Eskie,
It sure is nice to have another person with class on this site.
We will see you in the grey cup Eskie.

Congrats Moses

I have been wanting to say that since even before they beat my Riders. As much as I hate that Burris left us, I can't deny that he is an amazing QB and probably one of the most entertaining to watch in the league, and frankly, I am glad we are crossing over because now we can have a Burris Bowl rematch in Vancouver...... and it means we don't have to play Calgary before that. They are on fire. This weekend, I hope..... I don't know what I hope. I hope the Riders win =) Congrats Stamps for hushing your critics.

Go Riders!!

Hey, pro line on the Calgary Edmonton game - Calgary by 2.5. Who woulda thunk it? Even the "experts" are waking up.