If not and as I have been saying all along as the Ottawa fans do no deserve this great looking team, then the Gleibs should seriously think about moving to QC or Windsor?


I am an Ottawa fan who is supporting this team every game.

I don’t think Quebec City will do any better and what kind of market would Windsor be with the NFL across the border.

Hopefully now that the gades are tied for first., There is a lot of good local press and the stands will be rockin' for next game :slight_smile:

That's good moved da sticks, you and the remaining 16,999. But, where are the wagon jumpers while your team was developing into a force which the Gades are now. I am sick of "so called fans" saying how they have been screwed all these years so that is the rational for not supporting and which caused the team to fold once before. I keep saying real fans support the teams threw the good times and bad. In my example I have been a season ticket holder for the Argos the past 15 years. Lot of those years were really bad, but I did not bail?

Guess we'll just wait to see. I'm still not convinced the Gades are much of a force yet so I'd say 18000 fans or so would be reasonable.

Argotom wrote:

In my example I have been a season ticket holder for the Argos the past 15 years. Lot of those years were really bad, but I did not bail?

You may have been a season ticket holder for the past 15 years argotom but there are a lot of Argo fans that did bail on your team when they were really bad. After winning the Grey Cup in 97, your fans rewarded your team with an average of 15,000 fans per game. I have been a fan of the team since I was born basically, and have supported this team since the early 90's (since I could afford a paycheque) and I don't even live in Ottawa... I live 2 hours away and still have season tickets..... There was a time in the early 90's when we averaged 24,000 per game..... The reason that we are only averaging 17,000 per game is because we didn't have enough time to market our team.... THanx to the CFL League office.... The team wasn't officially sold until the beginning of June.... Training camp had already started, and our marketing didn't start until the first week of June.... That gives the Renegades a total of 3 weeks of marketing time. The team was in a very fragile state. Give it time.... your team came out of your funk of averaging 15,000 per game.... as did Hamilton..... I guarantee you in time that Ottawa will also get out of this funk....

Can anybody tell me the last time Ottawa was in first place?

Yes... it was last year when they started 3 - 0.... hehe

I am sorry…this had nothing to due with the league …OFFICE…why would the commish hate , OTTAWA…? What is his reason? That makes no sense at all.

Your own former owners…lied to Wright and the press about 2004 ticket sales and didn’t tell any body until 1 of them finally said…“I am sick of lying…about this”…and he went to the PRESS…is TOM , supposed to be a mind reader , as well…?

He was on vacation , [which he deserved] when …3 team owners…decided to get rid of him because they don’t want him to have any real power… OR A CAP…the OTTAWA situation , was just the excuse…The OTTAWA press run with this…blame TOM , for all our troubles kick…

Lets not blame this on our horrible sports press…lets not blame this on the people of OTTAWA…lets blame the CFL HEAD OFFICE…

You are lucky that after the GLEIBS heard about this , that they even wanted to be part of this…You are lucky to have a TEAM at all , after the first time you folded.

The T.V. scheds…were already done…

The night before the MONTREAL game allot of your press was going on about MARTI GR. [sp] night and even when they beat MONTREAL…the next day one reporter named DON from the SUN, …wrote about the OTTAWA win…but the first half of that article was about what happened to one woman at the game…WHO cares about that?

We are talking about, now…HAMILTON was 0 and 5 and they managed to get 28,000…

In the past all CFL teams [except EDMONTON] needed help at one time…or another…

But the only team to fold was OTTAWA and MONTREAL…but Montreal came back strong…

OTTAWA, even has had trouble supporting the SENS , let alone a CFL team for the second time.

Toronto , is famous for having fickle fans , but there is far more compition for our entertainment dollar , here…

WINNING… is the best advertizing…and lets hope that more OTTAWA fans see the commercial and go next week… :smiley:

Points taken, hellothere.... I'm not from Ottawa, so I don't know about the media situation...... by CFL league office, I was mainly referring to the board of governers for not setting a timeline for the team to be sold.... Marketing does wonders for anyone

I agree with you about the board of GOV , some of them are is very important.........but WINNING also helps allot.......the OTTAWA team is going it's part and they deserve credit for winning under the worst of circumstances...............

I hear ya.... the fans have got to step it up.... I know that I'll have my tix no matter what happens... win or lose..... man, I've sat through many many losing seasons, it doesn't matter, I just love the game and love the team.......

Believe it or not…I do too…and I love going to F.C. in the summer and fall…to see the… ARGOS vs…OTTAWA. F.C. , is beautiful…the view from the stands.

And the 2004 game CUP in OTTAWA was the best that I have ever been too…and not just because the ARGOS were in it…It was very well organized…and all the parties were at 1 spot…EXCELLENT job.

Parties kicked some serious a$$.. it was great being drunk for 4 days straight... although my liver sure didn't like it..... F C is the best stadium to watch a game in, and I hope the fans realize it soon... There's a good thing going in Ottawa and thankfully the Glieb's are there for the long term.

I've heard FC is a good stadium to watch football. I'll be there on Sept 8 when the Lions are visiting. I'll judge for myself.

The Gades aren't going anywhere ... please, no more extremist talk, none of this "if-they-don't-get-20,000-for-the-next-game-they-should-move-to..." crap. They're not going to move this year, next year, or the year after that; and the Glieb's aren't going to make a decision of that magnitude based on 3 home games!!!!

The Gliebermen are successful businessmen - they have a long-term viability (and eventual profitability) plan in place for the Gades. If every business gave up because the first 2 months didn't produce huge profits - hell, any profit - then there would be very few businesses out there. The Renegades are not going anywhere!

If what all the Ottawans (is that the right term?) say is true, about zero marketing and zero positive press, then that will have a big affect. One the Gliebermen have an entire winter to work with, instead of just 3 weeks, they'll be able to pull it together more.

As for the negative press, I suggest writing to the paper (as in one of those letters to the editor) and complaining. The more extreme you are, the better the chance it will be printed. Say something like, "I'm disappointed with the Citizen's CFL coverage" or "The Sun's coverage of the Renegades is despicable". Oftentimes, the writers leave an email address at the bottom of their column; write to them. Or, call/write to the Sports editor. Negative press will not increase attendance any time soon! Hell, you could even write a letter complaining about the low attendances.

But for the last time - the Renegades are not going to move! Please! Give it a rest!

There right now is talk they may scale down frank clair next year to a 22,000 seat park.

I agree with........... CanucKev........I have written them 3 times......and I don't even live in OTTAWA......and they just don't think that they are doing any thing wrong.

It is easier for them to blame TOM.........because if they blamed the people of OTTAWA, they wouldn't sell many papers.

I am glad that THE GLIEBS are staying long term......because without in OTTAWA would be dead and gone.

BUT please write or call the press.........because the more people that do....that will get their attention.........

I don't want better treatment for the CFL........just equal coverage as with other PRO sports and fair coverage.

It's hard to get a buzz going when your wins aren't televised.

That being said, I'll be going to the game this Thursday, which'll be my first live CFL game ever.

Historically, crowds go up after the Labour Day Long weekend, kids are back to school, summer vacation is over, weekends at the cottage are waning etc. Ottawa will start to pull in some decent crowds of that I am sure. Everyone loves a winner even in Ottawa, Osama could own the team and people would come as long as they keep winning.