Now that Big Ben has two...

...rings, is anyone here going to argue that he's a better QB than Peyton Manning? Just curious...

Peyton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ben

He's a slightly above average quarterback on a very good team. Look at his stats from his first superbowl win, a record setting 22.6 qb rating. He played pretty well in the superbowl today, but I would say Kurt Warner outplayed him.

I agree. Certainly not worth his $102,000,000US deal.

Chief you know i'm not a big Peyton Manning fan but Ben isn't as good as QB as he is. Sure he has the extra superbowl ring but he's also on a team thats been built to run over teams all the way to the superbowl. Give Peyton the steelers D and you'll have an instant dynasty. Ben plays good enough NOT to lose the game, his escapability is tops in the leg but in the situtation he was in last night (2 mins left to win the SB) i would take Manning, Brady, Warner, Breeze, Rivers, other Manning, maybe even Pennington over Ben. But he got it done. Granted Rolle-Cramartee was given holmes 15 yard cushions the entire drive and should be shot but Ben still bought time and found him. But as of right now Manning is the superior QB....but Ben's only been in the league for 5 only time will tell.

I hate Big Ben, I think he sucks, I think McNabb is better!! However, I'll give Big Ben credit for leading the Steelers to the win on the final drive. Something McNabb can't do.

Now that Ben has two, Wil DMac get one?


If the eagles could make it to the superbowl and not play the Patriots, Colts or Steelers....then McNabb might have his shot at a ring. But the chances of that happening........i'd beat on a Lions playoff game before a Mcnabb superbowl win.

I dont know. I think they would have a chance against any of those teams. They have the best CB in the league now, and he played with Randy Moss, so I mean, I am sure he knows some tricks in covering him. Colts receivers arent what they were even 2 years ago, and although I really like Antoine Bethea, their defence isnt the best either. I dont think they would be outmatched by the Steelers - you know they would come to play against the other Pennsylvania team. Then again, after the Steelers last 2 SB wins, I dont know about that....

Big Ben is a heck of a qb, not so much that he really is all that great but he is a leader, gets respect from his teammates, makes use of his body when need be and manages the game. Like I say, he doesn't really excite me but the man "has it" and that's all the matters.

So I guess my next question is why do some here consider Terry Bradshaw to be a better QB than Peyton Manning?

A lot of people were saying that Peyton shouldn't be mentioned with guys like Bradshaw, Montana, Star, etc, guys with multiple rings, because Peyton only had one ring, and he was 7-7 (before this past season) in the playoffs. He wasn't an "elite quarterback."

Yet here we have Big Ben, with two rings in four years, and he's only been in the league for five years, but no one wants to claim that he's a better QB than Peyton?

Interesting, no?

Its a very valid point you brought up chief and i don't have a concrete answer for you only speculation.

It takes more than just amazing stats (which Peyton unquestionably has) to take a team to a superbowl and win. Call it the "it" factor, leadership, carisma, tenacity or whatever. But people always remember people for winning. No one cares who the all time leader in 2nd place finishes in Nascar was, no one will remember Larry Fitzgerald's run to the superbowl just Santonio Holmes catch, and can anyone (without using Wikipedia) name the last 10 losing teams and their qbs cuz i can't. Manning is a great Qb but to be remember as truely great you have to be surrounded by a great team, which manning (defensively hasn't had the luxury of) Ex Farve and White, Bradshaw and the steel curtain, Montana and Lott, every team you look that has won multiple superbowls has had a great D.

Everyone one knows that when the team wins the QB gets all the credit (brady 3, Bradshaw 4, etc) and when the team loses the Qb takes the fall. The great Qb's are remember because they were the easiest identifiable players on great teams, not because statistically they were the greatest Qbs to ever play the game. If Peyton had the luxury of a steel Curtain defence like Bradshaw did, then this would be a mute issue because Manning would have 4 superbowls and be the most identifiable person on his team.

True enough, like goalies in hockey. Was Ken Dryden all that great? I don't really think so but had the best defense in the league in front of him for a large part of his playing days. Not to take away from Bradshaw but yes, great defense for sure there in Pitt.