Now, on to Montreal

The first of two TiCat injury reports, for this week, shows that the team is dealing with a few more injuries, from the WPG game -- Wynn & Adeleke (knees). Brooks (hamstring), Santos-Knox (quad), and Durant (ankle). Based on practice participation, it would appear that Wynn is the most serious and Brooks the least. The other three participated, in limited fashion, at the Tuesday practice. I'm guessing, reading the list, that Ternowski is ready to return, after missing a half dozen games, and it's encouraging to see Howsare as a full participant.

Coming off a bye week, the birds are practising without both their safety, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, and his back-up, Zach Lindley. The starter is missing practice over something non-football related, while the back-up has a hip issue. And, on offence, their regular LG Philippe Gagnon has a back problem, expected to keep him out of the line-up, this week.


When is see Durant's name I always turn my thoughts to
If a tree exists outside of perception, then there is no way for us to know that the tree exists.

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Ternowski plays the teams , holds for kicks , and is a solid receiver . He is also more enthusiastic than Durant . I'd like to see that switch .


Hopefully management has noticed this tree and during the off-season bring out the chainsaw.




That's not good. He will be missed... Maybe this acknowledgement should have been delayed until tomorrow?


Now, the birds make a move to add a player who might find the defence, on his latest team, interested in talking with him.

Have we played a single game this year without losing a starter to injury?


So what, team 4 for Jones this season. Don't know what it is but he hasn't stuck. With the Elks he was butterfingers. Almost 3 drops to every catch....

Who’s coming to the game?

The air horn guy.


Final practice day injury report

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED Game Status
Julian Howsare DL Achilles Full Full –
Cariel Brooks DB Hamstring Full Full –
Dylan Wynn DL Knee DNP DNP Out
Don Jackson RB Healthy Scratch Full Full –
Lemar Durant WR Ankle Limited Limited Doubtful
Jovan Santos-Knox LB Quad Limited Full –
Tunde Adeleke DB Knee Limited DNP Questionable
Vosean Joseph LB Illness – DNP Out

This is a bit of a red herring IMO. Gagnon has struggled at LG this year, and his replacement, Lestage (who spent time in the NFL before signing with us this year), has done excellent work as the team has incorporated him into the offense. I actually think our O-line will be better with Lestage starting.

I agree that safety is a weakness for Montreal, with both the starter and backup out. Hoping you Cats don't exploit it. :slight_smile:

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projected line-up changes when the depth chart comes out later today :

Out....D . Wynn - dt / V . Joseph - lb / L . Durant - wr / T . Crawford - de / M . Manalo - lb

In......L . Autrey - dt / D . Lawrence - db / T . Ternowski - wr / J . Howsare - de /
J . Beeksma - lb

I would be worried about Adeleke being doubtful. I know Kats is a capable backup, but Adeleke's versitility/experience is what makes him so special.

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I hear ya on that . I'm praying that when the depth chart comes out later today that Adeleke is on it . With Wynn already out if Adeleke is a no go then that is going to leave us very susceptible down the middle of our 'D' . It should also be noted that Santos-Knox while dressing was listed on the daily IL on day 2 as limited with a quad issue .


And Lemar "The Missing Man" Durant could be missing again with a wonky ankle.
Not to be confused with Alden "The Missing Man" Darby, Jr...

He is on my projected out list for tomorrows game a few posts above this one . As for the " The Missing Man" moniker ? Believe me if he indeed doesn't dress , he definitely won't be missed . So far he has been nothing short of a wasted roster spot on gameday . :ghost:

"I hope we gonna bring a lot of pressure, Ti-Cats Oline is not good and we need to take advantage of that"

Saw this post on the Allouette forum. Any way to get it on the Ticat bulletin board :grin:. I guess they missed the game last Saturday.