Ok, I only post about 5 times a year, but been a little busy since going to the Vanier Cup so now I'll put my 2 cents worth on paper and see what the masses think. As much as I am still mad about the 08 record but it was not as bad as the record would seem. They are getting better and are not that far from being a playoff team, (it can't be that hard there are only 8 teams) So here are my 5 ideas of what needs to be done to make the playoffs in 09.

1--DO NOt re-sign Jesse if it is going to cost too much.
2--Draft Canadian OL and DL in this draft, don't worry about skill players you can bring in train loads from the states if needed
3--If CP does good, ride him as long as the train stays on the tracks, but if it goes off the tracks go to plan B quick, it worked in riderville last year, true they did not do as good as they would have liked but I would trade places with them last year in 1.5 seconds
4--Remember this name Clayton Mullins from Miami of Ohio, (same school as Mr Armour) sign him if possible--would be a perfect DE or linebacker in the CFL, my only worry is he may be good enough for a NFL practice roster spot, but boy I'd try to get him.
5--Cut down on the STUPID PENDILITIES at the wrong time, sure you are always going to have some mis-cues but we CAN'T have them at the CRITICAL times we did last year--we do that and we probably get 2 more wins right there.

Ok, I feel better already, it's -5 this afternoon but all I can think of is late June/early July, nice evening, cold beer and I am in my seat in section 22 watching a Ti-cat VICTORY, I know this has GOTT BE OUR YEAR, so watta ya say, lets make the playoffs a reality this time--- Best wishes, take care, and stay warm we got another 60 days of this stuff, ( maybe for you guys another 80 days before it breaks).

Look, if the Arizona Cardinals can do what they are doing today, this year, after being so crappy, anything is possible. Well except for the Detroit Lions I suppose but that's a whole different ballgame as they say. 8)

Still makes me sick...but proves anything can happen