,,,,I know we don't have a lock on a play-off spot yet.....but i think it's time to get a little experimental....especially against a good team like the stamps....I'd like to see a few back-up qbs. get some action....and give some other back-up positions a look-see.....I know we should go out to win 'every' game.....but we really don't know what a lot of our guys can do under real-game conditions....and wouldn't it surprise everyone if we came out with some winners and a win....Time to loosen-up and have some fun....that's what this game should be all about... :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

i could not agree more :thup:

let’s see what Randall and Kean can do in a game situation at least for a short while (at least a half) of the remaining 3 games. I would also like to see more Hargreaves and Kerry Johnson (give our starters a rest) the final game of the year, sit all starter’s against Montreal and Hamilton (for half the game at least) and get a look at some replacements for next year for Serna and Milt. Hargreaves should stay on special teams at least, he looked great last night on the teams.

lets lock up the playoffs first when to fails to get a w once again then do it the last 2 games. to much to chance right now

do you really think toronto will win 3 games in a row, and we will lose all of ours?

i agree with footballmad......just make sure the playoff spot is OFFICIALLY secured..(which will probably be done after next weeks games are played) before you start experimenting.