Now.....let's get the ball in Armstead's hands!

OK....we've just acquired this standout returner/ if only we can get the ball to him. Seems to me that when Flick and Peterson were here, they did not have great seasons. With their salaries and performances, the Cat's did not want them back. What a difference a year makes. Both these guys are now enjoying standout years. To me, they don't seem as frustrated where they are now, and both are getting the ball into their hands.
Just because we've acquired Jason Armstead doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be the same player that he was in Ottawa or Saskatchewan.
What I'm saying is, now we have to hit him with the passes, utilize him properly and he will be the same great player. It's up to the qb now, to do his job. If we don't do this, he will become another great talent that was wasted here in Hamilton.

DJ Flick did a pretty good job in black and gold. Had some solid seasons.
As for Peterson.........well when the Cats got him he had a problem dropping balls.
When he played for the Cats he had a problem dropping balls.....and as of today.....he has a problem dropping balls!

His coach has told him that everyone drops balls and to keep on going and make sure he holds onto the next one.....ect just to give him a he will stop dropping balls!!!!!
IMO Peterson is not even close to Flick!

Peterson was not called incompleterson for no reason. He wanted to be the featured receiver but just couldn't catch the ball on a regular basis. He did the same this week in Sask. Thrown to a dozen times and comes up with six catches. In Armstead we get a receiver and a punt returner. Unfortunately Holmes was not going to displace Lumsden, I wish him luck.

Kamau Peterson was our best receiver last year... DJ is an all around better player, and its obvious NOW hes much better in the slot (Please go back and see any one of my numerous posts over the past 3 years)... but dont count Kamau short, he played well last season.

Peterson has shown some amazing improvement with Edmonton. Makes me sick, to be quite honest, haha.
I just hope that the Tabbies realize how great Armstead can be if he's used properly! Toss him the ball once in awhile, he can pull off some amazing catches.