Now let's get our new Stadium underway

Now that the Bomber's have their stadium issues solved,let's get on with ours at the west harbor location.
Check out the proposed photos.

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Wow, that looks really nice! Modern and classy. I hope we could get one as nice.

Things wont be easy we live to close to Hog Town and they suck everything out of this area. :roll:

This will be the make or break aspect of Hamilton being Hamilton or Hamilton being a true suburb of Toronto, as I think the historians will write about one day.

Living history, right now folks. What will it be Hamilton?

Earl I vote for Hamilton being Hamilton. I hope I'm in the majority.

I'm trying to find out what this new stadium is costing the city of Winnipeg.

I see the private sector kicking in $100 million plus, and the federal and provinical governments kicking in $35 million. is the city paying nothing? The stadium is a $135 miilion project.

Hamilton first has to wait to see who wins the bid for the PanAm games, and then they'd have to kick in $65 million I believe.

At the risk of heresy, I sincerely hope we build a new 35000 seat retractable roof stadium. Why they would not do so in Winnipeg could only have been a financial decision which it could also be in Hamilton
of course.

It is Hamiltons turn now and Dofasco steel should be used.

I have said it before but I repeat 60 million from Bob 60 % ownership 30 million from Jim Basilee 30 % ownership, 15 million each for the Pan Am games from the feds,province, and city. 10 million from Ron Foxcroft for 10 % ownership. Add 2 million a year for serious naming rights with its fantastic prime advertising spot at the habour. These are just examples there are many Hamilton partners available, i.e. Martin Short, and others much better know to others then to me.

For the sake or the analogy that brings in 145 million and should make a nice legacy for thirty to 40 years. I realize that the city has comitted to much more which certainly is good and bad. Good that the money is somewhat comitted but bad as they will have their hands in the pie way to long. The better business model is Asper's unless Bob makes a deal to be given the opportunity to buy the city out over a period of time.

Ah, we can dream can't we!


i believe feds paying $15M
province paying $15M
city of Winnipeg paying $5M

total $35M
Asper pays the rest.

A stadium with a retractable roof makes the most sense for Both Cities.

Make it a multifunction facility with football in mind first!

A retractable roof is not the way to go. A bubble in the wintertime, like they do at BMO field is what you need to do. I know they come a long way but I still think they look ugly.

Speaking of Balsillie's possible involvement, someone on the Buffalo Bills site suggested, with no link to an article or anything, he might be involved with the possible purchase of the Bills and/or stadium if Toronto gets the Bills when they go up for sale. No idea how accurate that is though.

These developers just keep finding new ways to feed off the taxpayers. the fine details of this deal will never see the light of day and reports of 'asper paying 100mil' on the surface look good but its all based on payments made from the new retail development taxes he generates from what he builds where canad inns stadium is. Sounds eeerily fishy to me and much like the american type 'pilots' scams that the stadium builders have turned to using. They get the bond issued by the city or region and 'pilots' takes care of the rest and what does it mean? pilots is an acronym for 'payment in leiu of taxes' and it means their taxes go towards the bond being issued( I want my taxes to go towards my mortgage but so far its a no go) but what if aspers retail business doesnt take off? who pays the bond then? around and around we go........cfl stadium giveaway tour coming to city near you, ottawa, hamilton next then off to montreal........get out your wallets taxpayers!!!
the provincial tories are calling for full disclosure of the details of the stadium and it would be good to see it made fully public. doubt it would ever happen though but we will see.

Don't taxpayers also pay for things like trails and arenas of which some taxpayers will never use themselves in a million years?

I forget the exact figure now, but it was a whole lot of federal, provincial and municipal taxpayer millions went into building that big edifice in downtown Toronto called the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. How many people on this site here have gone there to watch ballet and opera lately?

Yes deerkeeper, I think a lot of people would be surprised how their tax dollars are spent if they really delved into it. Things that aren't really "necessary" as part of living in a clean environment ie. sewers etc.

The answer to your question is nothing. Manitoba is paying 20 while the feds are supplying 15

Hey, to reduce costs for the new stadium, or reno's if it goes this way, maybe the fans can chip in with help like this German team's fans are doing. :wink: