Now Johnny knows...

[i]Now Johnny knows how you dudes felt in 1998 when Reinebold was fired as Bombers HC.

IT FEELS EFFIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Come on, man. We're all happy he's gone, but he's a human being who just lost his job. Let's not go over the top celebrating his departure.

.....yes, have a little's tough finding work these days...Was going to bite my tongue BUT I HAVE to say it....TOLD YOU SO.. at the beginning of the year ..Reinbold has to be the most savvy guy in an interview...just not on the football field :wink:

Well, hires are always a leap of faith, right? In retrospect, yes, hiring a guy who'd been out of the league for over a decade and who had never been a DC before was a bad move. We haven't had a good DC in Montreal since Tim Burke left, and Burke wasn't even Trestman's hire (I believe Popp made it a condition that Trestman take on Burke when Trestman first came to the league in 2008). Trestman's coordinator choices have been pretty suspect the past few years (Tibesar, Reinebold, Bischoff). Let's hope he gets it right for 2013.

Did the Als have the talent on defence though? Seems to me their defence was pretty bad even before JR got there.

The Als had 5 players on Eastern CFL Defence to 4 for Winnipeg,2 Toronto and 1 Hamilton.

The Als had/have good defensive players.


Adding to what Richard said, our D was ravaged by injury in 2011. In 2009 and 2010, we had great defenses under Tim Burke.

The talent is definitely there. Reinebold just didn't know how to use it. He had Bowman playing linebacker 50% of the snaps, Cox at safety instead of in his office at the LOS. And he couldn't adjust for anything. Brouillette outright said this week that the defense could never adjust once teams figured out what we were doing. That's on the coach 100%.