Now It's Time To Analyze This Team!!

That was a despicable performance from the Bomber's from the opening whistle and The Coaches better get there sh!t straight and get it straight now. Mack or Bell or whoever can't roll over and be pushover's like the previous CEO/GM's were. This team is missing something, heck this team is missing alot.

THE QUARTERBACK SITUATION - I know Pierce is a team player and competetive, it's in his nature and wants to play every game even when he is hurt, Matt Dunnigan said it best before the game "when a player says he is ready to go, sit him another week, cause in reality he is not". It was okay to start Buck and analyze his performance but he was limping in the first QTR and he had nothing on his throws, under threw alot of open reciever's.
Jyles came in and it seemed to send a spark to the rest of the player's and no offense to Buck i strongly feel that Jyles has earned his chance to be the starter here, whenever he comes in the whole team seems to get better. Buck was 7/12 for 63 Yards with 1 TD and 1 INT ..... Jyles was 14/22 with 227 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT and also made better reads than buck did, add the fact Jyles had 6 rushes for 41 Yards (almost as many yards as Reid and read had 5 more touches. Jyles has GREAT numbers (78/122, 63.9 Completion Percentage, 1156 Yards, 6 TDS, 2 INTS, QB rating is 104.4 and 202 YDS Rushing) JYLES should start the next game and beyond and if he gets cold at least we still have Buck, a luxury we have not had probably since the Khari/Glenn days.

THE OFFENSE - - I will point out the obvious first, the OLINE has to improve and open up bigger holes for Reid, Reid needs more touches, He has a 6.3 Yard AVG. The receivers HAVE TO Catch the ball, too many easy drops last night. Jamayal Smith did not impress me one bit as a receiver, what is up with Ralph, missed catches and his catching the ball at the first yard marker and then doubling back and rather than a first down we a end up in a punting situation.

THE DEFENSE Whats up with the zone defense because it seemed to me that TI-CAT receivers were open most of the night and the secondary were playing 15-20 yrds off the receiver's. WAY TOO MANY missed tackles, i am not impressed with Courtney Smith and Glover, not one bit.

PENALTIES - Way to many dumb penalties (Phillip Hunt) Unsportsmanlike conducts, roughing and the list goes on and on. We have to STOP these penalties.

THE COACHES - - The play calling stinks, kavis Reed and LaPo better get his head checked and make changes in the playbook right now, Kavis should be on thin ice when it comes to his coaching.


We're are screwed by injuries man, no way around it.

We won't know what we have until October.

Team played with no heart,intensity or enthusiasm which is a bad sign ! At least last year, they showed heart and didn't quit !

When did the team quit last night or in any game?

....i didn't see any quit.....what i did see was questionable play calling on the d....Where was the pressure on Glenn....didn't happen....He wandered around out there picking apart everything he saw...There were no stunts, no disguises...straight-up zone most times , with little success....There was an attempt to cover Arland and this new kid (can't remember the cats name) but to no avail....Their receivers did pretty much what they wanted....and towards the end of the game we were making Cobb look like Cory Boyd :thdn: ...Is this the fault of our poor recruiting for d postions OR is it because of injuries....maybe both with a little added bad defensive calls/coaching .. In any event i didn't see any 'quit' in this team but i also didn't see any great effort for game of this importance...(td. scored on us right off the top)...This club is in trouble...There needs to be a shake-up....I know there'll be a few nfl cuts coming on board...that's a certainty...Best you can say about that is we'll get an idea of some talent (perhaps) for next year...and how many bloody times have we heard that :thdn:

The question I have is why it seems like holding calls are practically non-existent league-wise. They are calling them (or not calling them) differently this year than in previous years and I wish they would explain why. There have been 26 games played this season (this is before Als-Argos game today) and there have been 26 holding calls against o-linemen this season - an average of 1 per game!! That's unbelievable!!

really pushing this holding calls thing arent u blue blood :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree tho.

but.. offensively we are fine. NOT AN ISSUE AT ALL. NOPE.

defensively tho, schemes and just play calling on the defensive side is crap.


WE WILL FOREVER SUCK ON D UNTIL KAVIS REED IS FIRED. i dont care what flag or some other troll says about wpg and the coaches, IM ONLY BLAMING 1 AND ITS NOT THE HEAD COACH, its kavis reed, the defensive coordinator. HOW DO WE CONSTANTLY GIVE UP BIG PLAYS TO OPEN THE GAME, just getting to your seat and its 14-0 ticats? MAN KAVIS REED NEEDS TO GO.

Maybe, just maybe, Kavis Reed has lost his confidence and mojo after the debacle in the Grey Cup with the extra man.

I say this because he seems unable or unwilling (in my view) to take a more aggressive posture with his defence. He is being criticized and rightly so for not employing a more complex defensive scheme. Maybe he just lost his capability to deal with high risk and opts for a more vanilla and conservative approach because he never wants to feel the humilation that he appeared to feel very personally after the Grey Cup loss due to his failure to count his players onthe field.

Me thinks he subscribes to the "can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" or in his case, don't even turn on the stove and you can't get burnt.

The one thing that the team fails to recognize is that being too conservative is more costly than being risky some of the time.

Maybe, but his last 2 stints as a DC ended in failure too, so there is no evidence that he ever was a good DC.

honestly how u can put blame on lapolice is beyond me.

  1. he's a rookie coach, he's gonna make rookie mistakes. like blue blood set, get those facts straight.
  2. its not our offense that is the problem, we avg 500 yards of offense a game. we avg 40 points scored at home and u throw in that non td to ralph yesterday, thats 35 ++ points at home again.

THe defense sucks.. its quite simple. the problem with the 2010 bombers is the defense, the schemes, the defensive play calling, the zone defense where db's are TOLD to play 5 yards off receivers, this crap where we dont blitz blitz blitz eventho we have 1 of the, if not THE best dline in the league. we have jovon johnson, a ballhawk back in the secondary and he's told to play 5 yards off.. its crap defensive play calling.

U can only blame lapolice for 1 thing.. HIRING KAVIS REED AS DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

i think at this point, we could score 60 points a game but the d would give up 61. I HAVE NO FAITH AT ALL IN KAVIS REED, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. HE'S FAILED 2 X 2 X ALREADY... HIS D IS CRAP AGAIN.. get rid of him after the mtl game.

with that being said, ppl seem to think they gutted the d last year.. well guess what.. they havent at all.

dl last year for most the season.. hunt, brown, d smith, willis. same as this year.
lbs.. shabazz, simpson or lobo, ike. 3 gone, hicks is a keeper and m bowman looked goood b4 getting hurt. we dont seem to give up lots of yards on the ground so i think these guys are doing their jobs.

db's.. got rid of walls, thats IT. hefney went to the nfl, craver to the IR. jovon was starting last year with those other 3 and b stewart was on the roster every game last season (maybe outside of 1 or 2 )

injuries tho and new defensive schemes = NOT GOOD. id say schemes more so than the injuries even at this point even cuz i dont see how craver or hefney (if he comes back) can help that much.

Given the injuries to the defence I doubt any DC could get better results. We are getting pressure on the QB - we’ve got 17 sacks. Maybe we’d get more pressure if the refs started calling some holding penalties once in a while (see the theme :lol: ). We’d have more interceptions if our DBs would catch the ball (4 or 5 times that I can recall a DB has had the ball in their hands and dropped it). I don’t think we’ve had the same defensive line-up for 2 games in a row, let alone the same starters 2 games in a row. How can a defence gel when you’ve got different players at different positions every week?!?

Hopefully some of our injuries will be back next week (Jeffers-Harris, Logan, M. Bowman) and we won’t have new ones. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new faces at next practice besides kickers.

In the meantime, just be patient! We’ve got a LOT of young starters who are going to make mistakes.

Like Blue Blood says...I think this is one of those situations where we just have to grin and bear it. Patience. This is a very young team with a ton of injuries...they will improve.

With Toronto playing well, it looks like we will be fighting for a crossover spot ! The 3 remaining games against BC and Edm will be huge ! CGY needs to take care of business tonight .

......seems we have to make an effort to scrape in again :thdn: I held a lot more promise at the beginning of the year for this club but injuries and a poor d co-ordinator have taken care of that...Looking at the mess that was the argos last year and comparing ourselves......ouch.....they've righted the boat and we've gone south , at least to this point in the season....Barker and the boys looked pretty good against the Als. and i guess IF we get some of our first stringers back it will be a good comparison for us.... I hate to say it guys but things are not looking good ..We could end up being first pic in the 2011 draft....unless Wally beats us out :lol: or the dreadful esks....See there's always a silver lining :lol: Still lots of season to go.....maybe with the return of Hefney, a decent punter and the return of some key players from injury, things will turn around...we'll see :roll: :roll:

Even by some miracle if we crossover, we would have to go play in SK or CGY ! :cry: Hopefully we make some strides in the right direction for the future ! This is much more important than scraping in to the playoffs and getting massacred in the playoffs !

I agree with Blue Blood on the holding calls, i am yelling at the TV or in the stadium on more than a few occassions, obvious holds, terrible reffing. Maybe with the new penalties introduced (pass interference/not pass interference) the refs may be paying TOO MUCH attention to the new rules and missing the other calls. I agree 100% that the league needs to look at the officiating of the CFL and do something about the inconsistant calls, and so no one says i am making excuses for the Bomber's i mean EVERY GAME/EVERY TEAM. One game a flag gets thrown on every play and the next the flags stay in the refs pocket, the league needs to impose more consistancy when it comes to officiating.

Now back to Our Bombers, many of you have said "when have you seen this team quit?" Man you all must be blind, maybe the team as a whole have no quit but certain player's are quitting during games, no heart and no enthusiasm. On defense the only player's that i see giving it 100% every game is Jovon, Lobendahn, Willis, Brown and Hunt (except for his dumb a$$ penalties). Glover looks like he is ready to fall asleep on most plays and when he is chasing down a receiver that he has a chance to make a play on he seems to slow down and not speed up, that is QUITTING ON A PLAY, and it's not only Glover on defense it's a few player's, Suber and Beasley have speed and good coverage skills YET they seem to quit on plays as well.

On offense dropped passes are a big problem and i will pont out the player's that need to learn how to catch a ball, Ralph, that new kid Smith and Davis. Bowman, Edwards have dropped passes but have shown that they can at least catch the easy ones, my son is 12 years old and he could catch the easy throws that Ralph, Davis and so on have dropped. I don't like Ralph or Davis one bit, i think they both stink big time and when you miss the easy catches, to me that is lack of effort and QUIT.

Reality is this is a team sport and everyone has responsibilities starting from the top, president/ceo, gm, head coach, assistant coach/defensive coach (Kavis Reed), the offensive coach, the other coaches, the player's. Now it is easy to blame the player's and much easier to blame the coaches but the fact is this team is lacking more than one thing, this team is lacking a ton of things including heart, enthuisasm, consistancy and effort (not quitting):

  1. As good as some player's were during some games, there are some player's that should not even be on the field and quite possibly on this team period, i won't go into detail too much. I thought Donald Brown Jr. was crap and he was (he is gone), Charlton was maybe slowing a bit but his leadership may be missed. We are missing a proven leader in Barrin Simpson, don't get me wrong Lobendahn has been pretty good but he does not have as much experience/leadership as Barrin. Jovon got beat, he admitted it and took responsibility, that's what a team player does, he didn't blame anyone but himself.

  2. Glover is a veteren and in my opinion has not played good football at all this season, Suber looked good in one-two games and than turned to crap, is it his play or the play calling? who knows. Beasley was thrown in pretty quick and we cannot judge his play yet because he is still a raw rookie.

  3. Did the Bomber Brass make the right decisions regarding the signing and releasing of player's? This could be a factor, Lenny Walls, Barrin Simpson and so on. The new player's may still turn it around, time will tell, but they MUST PLAY WITH HEART, EFFORT AND COSISTANCY FOR 60 MINS.

There are alot of reasons why this team is not playing good football right from top to bottom, everyone on the team including Mack, LaPo, Reed, The other coaches and the player's. Kavis Reed has done a crap job play calling all season BUT one thing you cannot blame Reed for is: THE MISSED TACKLES AND THERE HAVE BEEN ALOT!!

The defence has not been great, but have shown flashes and there are signs that are there that this defense can play good ball. Last game the first half the defense was crap, the second half they did pretty damn good, we out scored the Cats 14-7 in the second half NOW the coaches have to look back and think what they said or did at half time to smarten up and use that analagy and mindset for 60 minutes not 15 or 30 minutes.

It is not only the defense, the offense has slowed down big time with the exception of a few player's, Edwards, Harris, Jyles are a couple of examples. Reid needs more touches (that's on the offensive coach and LaPo), but again you cannot blame the coaches for easy catches that turned out to be dropped passes and again there has been alot, cannot blame the coaches for stupid plays (Ralph last game catching the ball on the first down line and running backwards 3 yards) which resulted in a punt rather than a first down.

I can go on and on but the fact is this team (and i hate to say this) is in REBUILD mode still and there is alot of work to do on every aspect of this team. Player changes are needed still and i think maybe a couple of coaching changes (Reed/Baressi) to light a fire under this team, LaPo cannot pull a Kelly and keep these guys on because they are close friends, if they are not doing th job properly they have to go!!!I will stay patient because that is what true fans do, but this year (and i hate to say this again) seems like an audition for next year, that can change but that's what it seems like to me.

Maybe instead of LaPo showing flashes of "The Brown Bomber Louis" and Bomber plays he should make the team sit down and watch a football movie about never giving up and playing with heart like Friday Night Lights, Any Given Sunday and so on, sorry just had to throw this in sorta as a joke, but it would not hurt!!

I just wanted to add that the injury situation may be hurting this team a little bit with the likes of Logan, T.J Harris, January, Donnelly, Jules, Cvetkovic, M.Bowman and so on. But this is still NOT AN EXCUSE OR REASON for the teams losses. Every team goes through injuries (maybe not this many) but shouldn't the coaches and GM have suitable replacements ready just for this reason?

Most of the losses we have were very winnable games ---- I'll say it again, all 3 phases of the game have to play at 110% for 60 Mins and if this was the case we would have at least split games with the Cats, and possibly beat the Stamps, Als and Argos's in those close games. Bright side is we can still make the playoffs, even in the east, if not a crossover is a strong possibility because the Esks and Lions both have major problems as well!!

I guess we will not know the answer until the wounded come back and if we still suck then we have REAL ISSUES!!

b&gnation, do you really want to go back to a 4 receiver - 2 back set? Are you wanting to pull Reid for Bernard. Or maybe playing 2 import and 3 NI receivers to get him in? Maybe with an NI kicker they might be able to get him in as a DI, otherwise what changes do you make to get him in there. Does he even deserve to be in the line-up? I haven't heard anyone saying anything about how he's performing in practice. If he was doing great then Lapo would have found a way to get him in.

As for Ralph, he just can't win with fans. First they critisize that he doesn't try to get more YAC yards and then when he does try he's critisized for doing it. It would have been better if he hadn't gone back but EVERY receiver in the league has had that happen (thought they could get more but were taken back). And why no mention of the really nice catch in the endzone on the blown call.

Why is all the critisism saved for Ralph? Hargreaves had drop, a fumble and a couple of lousy blocks. Let's ditch him too. And Watson while we're at it. NI receivers are a dime a dozen (that's sarcasm).

People are being WAY TOO IMPATIENT! I can't believe that fans were actually more patient last year. I think most Bomber posters who were here last season said they were going to give Kelly at least a season or two before passing judgement but Lapo is supposed to fire/trade/release half the coaches and players and it's not even Labour Day. :roll: The young players need time to gain experience. They will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and be better players.

As for Bernard i just asked why he has not seen the field once this year and that is just judging by the great signs he showed last year, if we go with a NI Kicker, which i believe we will be going with put Bernard in there to compliment Reid and confuse the defense, but i guess that's pretty hard to do when Reid is only getting half the touches he should be getting, what happened to "LaPo's game plan" that he brought up constantly in the offseason about a balanced attack, simple football philosophy is Run the ball hard and where down and keep the defense guessing, so far this season the opposing defenses pretty much know the ball is going to Edwards, Harris and lately Bowman and if we DID NOT have good QBS i guarantee you that we would be leading in the interceptions against department, so we can be lucky for that.

Why Ralph? because of all the NI receivers, he is the one that is thrown to the most, it's hard NOT to notice that he drops 3-4 easy passes a game, he has made great catches i agree but more than not he drops the ball on easy plays twice as often as he makes a good/great catch. I am not the only one criticizing Ralph either, LaPo called him out two games ago against CGY i believe and gave it to him good on the sidelines, only reason Ralph is on this team is because of his citizinship and his speed. I am not even going to get into this conversation again because there are a thousand factors that could be the reason for his poor play, but to me the biggest is the easy missed catches.
Why am i not criticizing Hargreaves or Watson, for one I have seen Hargreaves make great catches on the sidelines in his limited action and when you have 3 balls thrown your way in a game such as the case he may be a little cold/rusty on the one bad drop he had, maybe the play was not even supposed to go to him, maybe the play was supposed to be a deep pass and the play was broken down, again a thousand factors. Ralph is EXPECTED to make those catches and he is simply NOT making them, he has played long enough to know that HE HAS TO make those catches and he is simply not doing it, i see it, the coaches see it and many of the fans see it so i have no idea why your sticking up for the guy. As for Watson the last 3 games he has been invisible, so invisible that i don't recall the ball thrown his way more than 2-3 times in the past 3 games, how can you criticize a player (a rookie yet) that doesn't see the ball for w hole game, game after game?

I am tired of explaining myself and my opinions, to each his own, i will always be cheering for my team but my opinions and critisizms are for good reason. If you and some other fans want to keep supporting these player's that is your right, but i'll call out any other fan on here that disagrees with me any day. You ask me to explain my reasons for critisizing Ralph and other player's and coaches, why don't you explain to me why you are supporting and backing up Brock Ralph? Why don't you explain to me why you are HAPPY with the play calling? Why don't you tell me why we should have patience with this team? Honestly should we really be patient with Kavis Reed as DC and Assistant coach when his track record sucks big time where ever he has been


First…there’s NO WAY Brock Ralph is dropping 3 or 4 passes a game…get off his back. He’s been a lot better in the last few games, IMO…that was a big time catch he made in the endzone against Hamilton. Ref made a bad call. In the last away game, he was in position to tie the game for us, but had to come back to an under thrown ball. Leave him alone.

Second…Watson and Hargreaves? If they can’t get open, they ain’t gonna get thrown to. It’s really that simple…they haven’t proven they’re worth having the ball thrown to them when covered. BTW…Watson started game one, but managed to play himself out of that situation. But then, you’re the same guy who assured us that Dorian Smith was headed to the nine game, even though he played the last 2 games, so maybe you don’t pay as close attention as you’d have us believe.

Sure Bernard showed a few good things last year, but he still ain’t as good as Reid.

I’m thrilled with the playcalling, at least on offence. We’re the #2 offence as far as yardage gained. Do you honestly think we’d be #1 with Bernard in, and using Watson instead of Ralph???

If you’re tired of having to explain yourself, either, a) Don’t or b) try to get your facts straight.