NOW its time for football

seeing how the hockey game just ended, its now time for football...even tho hockey is my sport which i play and stuff, im glad its done because i hate the coverage of it on tsn, cuz the whole thing is about the playoffs...i can easliy watch a whole football game from beginning to end, but not a hockey game, unless im there...but techincally im not done hockey (roller hockey playoffs for me start on wednesday :thup: nd im the leading scorer :rockin: ), then i got high school football now is the real beginning for football...ENJOY

Yahooooooo Huricanes! No more dam Oiler flags in Calgary! Id rather be a huricane fan then an Oiler bone head!

The power of AnybodyButEdmonton

still got the NBA finals, and I have to watch that now to cheer on the Mavs.

then it's all CFL after that, yaahoo!!!

Are you active on the NBA forum?

Basketball just bites the big one peroid. It takes just as long to finish the 3 minutes of a half as it does to play the whole game! It is tedious , and truly boring to watch. Id rather watch Oprah then the NBA finals!

It's going to be a great week 2. Roberts vs Williams and the Ticats rebounding from a loss to the Argos. IT'S GOING TO BE WILD

He’s changing the rules over there too. He’s using an action point whenever the ball hits the upright…er I mean rim! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Nah, I’m not that much of a fan of Basketball, but two of my favoite teams in the NBA are in, so now the hockey is over (which I like alot more as a sport), I’ll watch the NBA in addision to the CFL (which I like watching more than anything, expect Aussie Balll), which by the time week 2 begins, the NBA should be over.

yeah, I have to admit, they are some ABA rules I’d like to see the NBA try, but the AP isn’t one of them.

How could anyone in their right mind watch what I call the oversized version of handball compared to football? BB is just plain horrible to watch, what, that "hit" if you want to call it on Shaq was a joke, football gets more of those hits in one minute of play. Only thing I'll say is Shaq also thought it was a joke, his daughter hits him harder when he comes home. Good call Shaq.

Dude, I lived in Dallas, and now that they have beaten the Spurs, their dreaded rivals and made it this far to the NBA Finals, I have to watch and cheer for them, for my Mavs mates back in Dallas that I befriended in Middle and High schools.

but if Miami wins, good for them, they are an FLA team, and I love FLA about as much as I like Manitoba.

Their is no other option for me, the game may suck, but the teams that are playing I have had some fan affiliation with in the past.

I hear ya KK, no problem, basketball is a good game I suppose, I can admit it but I just don't fancy watching it. But I realize it is a huge sport down south and in many parts of the world with a big fan base.

the NBA is one of the best leagues in pro sports IMO as far as teams, logos, etc. go (but that may change if the Nets become the New York Nets :twisted:). :thdn:

but the game itself is just wield! :? and even with new and creative rules, it would still be that.

I don't hate Basketball as much as I do other sports (Baseball :thdn:), but it's not on my top 5 sports to watch list. :cowboy:

Which are

  1. Aussie Ball (aka Australian Rules Football) (AFL/VFL is the only kind I can view on TV at the moment)
  2. CFL :thup:
  3. NHL or any hockey
  4. One Day Cricket, or any that's not Test
  5. Rugby 7s

  1. Cascar
  2. NFL
  3. Soccer (international)
  4. Golf :roll:
  5. Tennis

  1. Basketball

They should allow full contact Basketball! :twisted: Tackling would be good too! :twisted: Although, that floor may be hard to land on!

YEA RIGHT. First off, the logos are the worst.
Every single team has a freakin basketball some where in their logo… talk about originality. The team names are even worse, very few of them have rich history behind them. Most are just given a silly name like the Raptors or Bobcats. =)

Are you readyfor some Canadian style Football

Some do have history behind them, like Grillies (in the 70's Memphis had a WFL by that name), Honests, Jazz (before each moved), Mavericks (ABA team by that name). Bobcats also could be associated with the Carolina Cougars of the ABA. Piston with Detroit (the Moto City), Nets goes with Jets and Mets, etc.

My favorite of all the names is the Pacers.

Some logos have basketballs or something related to the sport, some don't.

My point was that no NBA team has names with regards to the Native Americans (not since the Buffalo Braves) and for the most part, except LA, only one city has a team.

i guess its safe to say u no a lot about ur basketball...i can only watch the last few mins of a game, cuz thats the most important part of the game..they mite as well start the game in the 4th with 5 mins left..nothin would change

I'm sry, Bomber borther, but I'm going to have to disagree with you there, I have seen games where a team leads by 15 or more points by the 3rd quater, but still loses the game in the 4th, happens alot really. the score in the 4th will be close n e way..but im just sayin i start watchin near the end, cuz it has all of the excitement in it i guess..not like nothin happenes before that but the end has more drama

I agree if a teams leads by 30 points and adds to it, it’s just like an NFL or NCAA game.

You want to hear something funny, in NBA 2K5, the commentator says that Basketball is the best sport in the entire world cuz any player can make the big play and be a hero, and in NFL2K3, the commentator in that game says he loves football for the same reason.

Apparently, they haven’t realised that that can happen in every sport. :roll:

BTW: here this a link to all the ABA that played at one time or another if anyone is interested.

Really hope the NBA expands to 32 teams with one in Louisville and one in Norfolk. I would love to see the Kentucky Colonels and the Virginia Squires resurrected in the NBA.