Now it's our turn!!!!!

Congratulations to the Bulldogs!!!!

Now it's our turn.......nothing but a Grey Cup will do for 2007

Fingers crossed. But, I'd be happy to see the Cats make the playoffs!

Fingers crossed. But, I'd be happy to see the Cats make the playoffs!
Not good enough!!!!

We've put up with mediocrity for too long!!!

As someone (in)famous once said "Just win baby!!!"

That was an amazing game and I'm so proud of the Bulldogs. It will be great to win the Calder Cup and the Grey Cup in the same year. :wink:

WOW!!!!!! How ironic,We win a championship 1 day after the Senators lose the Stanley Cup,turn about is fair play,they got what should have been our NHL franchise,but although not a Stanley Cup,we win a championship before them,its been too long between something good happening to this city,Congrats to the Dogs,lets make it two championships with the Cats!!!!!

I have just 1 expectation of the Tiger-Cats this year: beat the Winnepeg Bluebombers in every single game.

I cannot stand their fans.

I won't say no to a Grey Cup if it's offered though.

Grey Cup !!! They just need to be competative !!

Good luck to the Tiger Cats this year. The fans in Hamilton deserve nothing better then a very good season with many wins.

But.... I like you just fine. :wink: Seriously, I think you guys will have a great year. Coaching is everything, you got it, Montreal lost it, we will definitely be seeing you in the play-offs!