Now, it's on to Edmonton

While the TiCats are in their second most challenging short week of the '23 schedule, and have only today and tomorrow for prep & practice, the Elks began a full normal week of practising, on Sunday, with this injury report:

Woodly Appolon LB, Knee / Limited
Marloshawn Franklin Jr. DB, Hand / Limited
David Foucault OL, Foot / DNP
Andrew Garnett OL, Abdominal / DNP
Aaron Grymes DB, Knee / Limited
Eli Mencer LB, Chest / Limited
Mario Villamizar FB, Illness / DNP

A full normal week would see 168 hrs. between game times.
This week, the Cats have 122 hrs. and their shortest week, 100 hrs., comes later, when they host the LDC on the Holiday Monday, and then play in Ottawa on Friday, against the RedBlacks coming off a bye week.


Our schedule so far has not been friendly! :scream:
Who thinks these things up???


The LDC on Monday and then another game on Friday of the same week ? An away game at that ? How the Hell can that even be allowed ?

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When you’re a bottom feeder of the league every game is a tough one.


That’s been going on for years, we used to have a return game in Toronto on a Friday for many years after LDC.
These guys are in great shape, besides no one plays 60 minutes of football.

Outside of soccer and perhaps basketball nobody plays 60 minutes of any sport to be honest .

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We have a good shot at winning two in a row, but Edmonton, at the same time, has a good shot at breaking their home losing streak.
I hope the game played by our defense on Saturday was a sign of things to come. Aggressive and ball hungry is the reason we signed Thurman and Edwards in the first place.
And hopefully the Simoni from Saturday is the guy who gets on the flight to Edmonton.


Sorry to put a damper on this.

But remember 1 thing - after Mazoli went out, they put in their 4th-string QB.

The depth at QB for Ottawa is in this order:

T. Adams
Crumb. <--------

And we almost lost the game.

If I were a betting man, I would pick Edmonton in a heartbeat.


…and it will feel like an eternity between games for the Elks who just played 3 games in 17 days, two of those against teams coming off a bye week…

Plus - you would think we could schedule better with only a 9 team league. Just go by “no less than 6 days between games” as a rule.


Well I share your reservations about the Edm game. Think we will be hard pressed for a win there on a short week.

I would say Crum looked better than what I’ve seen from Arbuckle so far this year and their coaches put him ahead of Arbuckle on the depth chart even the week before when Tyrie Adams was starting. They must see something in him and I’d say he was fairly impressive for a first start. Forced a couple of throws but very mobile.

Well playing devils advocate here we must remember that Crum was/is a virtual unknown . So with saying that it would also indicate that we had virtually no tape of this guy ever playing whatsoever . Therefore we had no idea of his tendencies or playing ability .

We weren’t even thinking about the possibility of even seeing him in that game . Trust me though if we have to play him again sometime down the road we will have tape on him and we will be better prepared to game plan against him the next time around .


I agree we are not a good team, but you play who you play. Edmonton is not a good team either. IMO, our defense can win this game for us, and our Oline seems to be stabilizing, and our kicker is kicking field goals.


The Defence was OK. Not great, but OK.

If the OFFENCE had been able to score TDs instead of FGs, the game wouldn’t have been in doubt.


13 points allowed, four turnovers generated, six sacks.

Perhaps warrants at least a “good” rating?


Yes but it was against an unprepared 3rd stringer that had never played a pro-game in his life. This week will be a bigger test against a QB that has started a few games.
The Elks didn’t look too bad against the Riders, lost by that rouge

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That game was awful. Set professional football back 50 years

Well, yes and no.

Yes Crum looked much better than Arbuckle, I agree there.

But I’m not sure Ottawa promoted him to backup over Arbuckle because “they must see something in him” but rather because they think Arbuckle is a bust. I tend to think the latter.

I agree. I didnt see much in the game vs Ottawa to convince me the team is heading in the right direction, especially against winning teams. Too many preventable penalties, red zone stalls, prevent defence that few opponents fear (and was within 2 yards of allowing an Ottawa touchdown).

The only thing honestly about this game that I feel should be a lock , a sure shot is if you bet the under .

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From what was mentioned during the game, Arbuckle is somewhat injured, but could apparently play in an emergency.