Now it's just a matter of getting healthy

Before the playoffs starts. OL is in bad shape


With injury to A OL Kennedy Estelle, I presume that A OL Na’Ty Rodgers is a possibility. He was in training camp and played last season. A month or so ago, he was on practice roster of Winnipeg. Was released from practice roster on September 20,2019.

To me, best scenario.


Hamilton has four young OL on their practice roster … three nationals … could add some valuable depth AND have inside knowledge of their playbook … worth looking at.

Michael Ola seems to be a free agent … veteran … CFL experience … familiar with the city … knows John Bowman and Martin Bedard … so he could “check out” the situation with a players perspective.

You could see Estelle walking along the sidelines so not sure how serious his injury is.

But there is Kelvin Palmer out there, released Oct. 2 by the Tiger Cats.

Ive been thinking about Ola. He has kinda exhausted his NFL options.
Was excellent with the Als. Hence spurring his yrs in NFL.
He is a Football FA. Unless their is an injury. I cant see any reason for the Als to reach out to him.
Especially now since Tony Washington is out for the season.

This season has exceeded all of Johnny’s expectations! The team will most likely finish with at least 9 wins, and will host a home playoff game. This is impressive, especially considering the ownership situation. Hats off to the players for staying focused and hungry!

Not expecting the team to go to the GC this year, but that’s okay. There are many great young players (including Adams) to make this team a contender in the coming years. If new ownership can hire a capable GM (not Maciocia) to fill the holes in the roster, the future is looking bright.


Your point is?

It’s cool that you feel that way


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“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” - Timbuk 3