now its a TOGA party in

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If you can't take Ottawa to the frat house... -- Lonie Glieberman is determined to keep the party going in Frank Clair Stadium's upper south section.

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting the Renegades president is replacing his controversial Mardi Gras promotion with a "Toga Party Contest."

The rules will be essentially the same as the Mardi Gras promotion, where the crowd will decide which participant will win the $1,000 grand prize. How the crowd decides who has the best toga has yet to be determined.

"It won't be beads, but it'll be some sort of thing that they would collect or get that gives the result to a certain person." Glieberman told the Citizen. "You can't really do cheers because you can't get 8,000 people to pay attention at one time. In a bar, you can do cheers for the winner of a bikini contest. It's easy because they're paying attention."

In other Renegades news, fans hoping to see Hank Ilesic in an Ottawa uniform will have to wait at least another week.

Coach Joe Paopao told the Ottawa Sun that 45-year-old Ilesic is having consistency issues and will make rookie Mark Irvin his primary kicker in Montreal.

Further complicating Ilesic's return is that being a CFL veteran of more than six CFL seasons, signing Ilesic for Friday's tilt against Montreal would mean Ottawa is stuck with the kicker's contract for the remainder of the season.

man, i wish ottawa wasn't so far away....sounds like the games are EXTRA fun there...hahaha

The Gliebermans are crazy. I love these bastards already!

Anybody knows what Jan Harder thinks of togas?

i can't imagine her being to pleased....

atleast the gliebermans are trying to draw more fans and make games that much more fun.
cuz if ottawa doesnt win, then new fans go home with a bad taste in thier mouths....but now if ottawa loses, new fans still had a great time and will want to return.
and some new people will go, mostly for the TOGA, and might actually find they like the game more than they thought, and will come out more often.

Great idea. All the fun of the Mardi Gras promo, without the built-in tastelessness.

Would've been a good opportunity for cross-promotion with the Sens, what with the whole 'Roman' angle. Not that the Sens really need it...

Good on Lonie. I'm sure fans can appreciate the attempts to do something fun and creative in order to spice up the game presentation and attract their target audience.

Next target: Half time show and other in-game promotions. They pretty much suck as they are. Bring a decent band in, get the junior football kids in, whatever. Something to keep things interesting. As for in-game, how about just some trivia questions? It's an old stand-by, but it gets people to pay attention.

Go Gades Go!

Hmmm - Where have we heard of this idea before ... Oh wait ... it was me ...

Tho I'll probably hold out for one the upcoming Renegade promo games ... Like - Free Tequilla Night, or strip-poker night, or toga night, or beat-the-hooker night, or cocaine and cigarettes night, or bring your own fireworks night .... or wait for the good ol' ripper-fest halftime show ... i'll bring the whole family!!
Ah yes ... Good ol' lonnie better be ready .. Cuz I'm gunna sue to toga off that assclown for stealing from my bag of ridiculous marketing ideas ... I'm litterally laughing my ass off over here ... Those suggestions were made because they were the most ludacris, animal-house-like antics I could imagine that have absolutely no association with football what-so-ever ...

Lonnie should sell the Renegades and run a bar instead ... or a frat house ...

GUARENTEE: 200 drunken males dressed in bedsheets show up. 1 or more will streak. 1 or more arrests will occurr. Promo is a total flop. We never see another toga party at a CFL game again.


How about something like ... promoting the team? or the game ... ? or the expereince? or the teams record ... ? or the family event ... ? or the players ... ?

Nahwwww - who'd ever buy into a cheap gimmicky ideas like that !? (other than every other successfull football franchise on the planet ...)


if u dont like it…DON’T buy tickets for THAT section…THAT SIMPLE…geez

Third_and_Ten wrote:

The Gliebermans are crazy. I love these bastards already! Anybody knows what Jan Harder thinks of togas?
I agree, great stuff, a little fun at a football game sounds fine to me. Heck, I was reading or saw on tv somewhere that a grade school in the States has a "Mardi Gras Day" where part of the activities are kids collecting beads for prizes by doing ad hoc skits. A bit too "forward" for Ms. Harder probably though.

Is Lonie looking for a new girlfriend, or what??? I wouldnt think the
team would need these types of promos to bring in the fans. The
onfield product should be enough.

All there doing is having some extra fun for the fans.This is not to bring extra fans its just to have more fun.

If the games sold more tickets those things wouldn't be needed.

the numbers speak for themselves...when the renegades did do
mardi-gras, it was THE MOST attended game they've had this year...

if it gets them more people at thier games and gets them free publicity in the local news papers and on television, then good for them it worked!!!

It is funny...........allot of people here don't like the CBC's silent games , but for 2 games.........and probably 3 games the ratings are HUGE..

OTTAWA, gets more fans with strange promotions.......but winning helps.

Are we missing something here?

Picture this:

65 year old, Sportsmen wraps a white bed sheet around him and heads off to the game. As he runs to his seat, a drunk fan steps on the corner of the sheet causing this 250 pound wrinklly old grey haired guy to unravel and to tumble down the stairs exposing his naked body to the crowd.

Posters , if that Scene DOESN'T EMPTY the section, then I'm really worried about the Ottawa fans.

people still go to STONES concerts. :lol:

I like the Stones, but I ain't wearing a sheet!

lol :lol:

I hope that LIONBAKER , is not reading this thread in P.E.I. :lol:

Not so take ncaa football they get 100,000 in some cases and still do promos like this.

i like the stones....infact i'm wearing a keith richards t-shirt right now.
i saw them at sar-stock...i was 20 feet from the stage and am on the DVD numerous times!!!!