Now Is The Time To Evaluate For 2010

This season is a write off, pretty obvious. Now it's time for Kelly to make some proper moves, at least to gain the confidence of all the fans, cause he has not done anything right this year and he has a chance to erase that.

  1. We need an offensive Co-Ordinater and a simplified offensive playbook, Kelly's system obviously does not work and/or is to complicated, simplify the game plan.

  2. Try and get something for Simpson as he is pretty much gone anyway's, also trade Bryant in the package, Simpson and Bryant for a solid and proven reciever.

  3. Keep playing the younger QB'S such as Bramlet, Randall and whoever else we can bring in, try and find the answer this year and at least be prepared for 2010 at the QB position. That said Lefors may still have an upside, considering he played hurt, maybe he can come back in 2010, i would still try and get a QB, maybe Simpson and Bryant for Jyles and a reciever!! Just a thought.

  4. Try out some new reciever's, see if we have any big play guys on the Neg List, Guice Jr. looked good from what we saw, Bowman drops too many passes and Ralph is not a big game reciever. Bowman and Bryant should be gone, Bowman showed a flash on the one TD Play. Maybe he just stopped trying, maybe he has an upside, to hard to tell with this football team, who is trying and who is not.

  5. We need to get some D-Line Help, we need MORE PRESSURE on the QB'S and Brown being double teamed every game opens the door for another end to come in and help rush the QB.

This is the CFL , there is nothing to evaluate. Half your roster is Canadian, where you going to get those to evaluate ? and the best American players are in the NFL and CFL. This is not like Hockey where you can bring guys up from the farm team...

first step fire kelly