Now I know why Ricky Ray is a

Watching the game last night,CBC put up the little bio that RR is from Happy Camp,CA???Is that actually a camp where losers come from?Probably some sort of internment camp,like a leper colony.Sorry,but when I saw that,I laughed hard!What a

Ya what a loser. He makes almost a half million a year playing pro-football.

Which chain do you flip burgers for?

and a loser that beat our Leos last night...

Ray is a great player...the name of his hometown notwithstanding.

btw, I had a good chuckle about the name too.

It gave me a smile as well but to judge someone because of the name of the city he was born in is the true mark of a loser.


Hi again,
I would like to apolagize to ro1313,and everyone on the forum.I dont like going to forums/message boards where everyone is flaming,etc.I wish I never started this thread now.Ro,if you want to get in 1 last dig,by all means,feel free.
The game last night for me was hard to watch.It sucks losing to a rival on the road,and I was just having a little fun.The blurb about happy camp caught my eye,because I had never heard of that place(has anyone?),I thought was a funny place to be from.I think this loss is OK though,because the pressure of an undefeated season is off,and this game can be used as a motivator for future games.Anyhow,once again,sorry to everyone for my dumb comments.