Now I Can Continue To Be A CFL Fan

Thanks for beating a western team in the Eastern Semi-Final Montreal. Let's hope all 3 Eastern teams will represent in the Eastern semi's from here on in.

Go East Go!


Now that the Riders are out (Hell Yeah) I can cheer for my division. B.C. or Edmonton will be tough.


but good that the Riders got the boot, now who will represt the East and West in the GC???

...Hamilton will be a decent team next year....with Maas as qb. ... don't see a crossover happening anymore..... at least in the next few years....what good is the crossover anyway...the record for all the teams.... that have... is dismal at best.... :!:


what have you been smoking mate and fellow Bomber fan?

Edmonton will hold on to Maas with both hands.

and the CO will happen again this decade, it could be the other way around like it almost was in 2001.

and the CO is the best, it's the CFL's great compromise. it lets in the best teams w/o compromising the traditional system of the CFL playoffs too much.

why don't people get that???

If, as has been suggested, there is an under-the-table arrangement between Hamilton and Edmonton for Maas, then Maas will be a Ticat next year regardless. Sorry, but Hughie will not renege on an agreement, not even a secret one. These sorts of deals happen all the time. Every team knows about this trade (if it is a done deal, as we've been led to believe), and will not hesitate to screw over the Esks in similar situations if they do not follow through.

As for the crossover rule, this season it prevented any sub-.500 teams from entering the playoffs. Ticat fan though I am, I say that's a good thing. Nothing was more embarrassing than having a 4-14 team in the playoffs in the '90s.

I'm a purist, and I hate when the crossover happens. The Grey Cup should be east-vs-west, and I'm always glad when a crossover team loses. But not enough teams in the east deserved to be in the post-season, and Hamilton and Ottawa have no one to blame but themselves.

Long live the crossover rule...but let's hope it becomes an obscure, almost forgotten rule that occurs only once or twice in every generation. (Though I'm still holding out hope for a Ticat-Argo Grey Cup! Wouldn't people in Calgary be thrilled?)

the CO should occure only 3 or 4 seasons in a decade, unless a division has really bad seasons.

you guys are awear that the CO will be in place even after 10 teams right? it was with 8, why not with 10?

Lose the crossover
It for whinners and losers
Ya wanna make the playoffs/ Finisher higher next year.

ro, that statement about finishing higher next year could theoretically apply to Ottawa and Hamilton also. If they want to be in the playoffs, they have to be better than the 4th place team out west. In theory, shouldn't be that hard, right?

If/when the CFL goes to 10 teams, I would be in favour of dropping the crossover as at least it would be a fair chance to make the playoffs, instead of teams having a 60% chance in one division, and 75% in the other. If it's 60% across the board, then I'm all for it.

The cross over could provide an entertaining Grey Cup......

What if next year Winnipeg wins the West to go to the GreyCup, while BC is the cross over team and wins out and represents the East. Think of the marketing on that one. The most Western team represents the East while the most eastern Western team represents the West.

Sorry guys... I've been reading to much of KK's posts.....I'm starting to think like him now!...LOL

.....back away from the keyboard, KK is enough..... :smiley:

lol Sportsmen...

BigDave, I think Hugh Campbell would seriously consider screwing the Cats if he deemed Jason Maas is what the Esks need next year. That GM is a friggin' psycho.

sorry, don't agree, think about it

9 teams X 2 games = 18 games

the CO works perfectly with this.

keep it since it makes the best make the Playoffs, and since the league is in division and not conferences, no shame in keep it around.


Sportmen, welcome to the club.

Say it’s not so Sport.

...Kanga I quit smoking.....I think you better realize the crossover dosen't least it hasn't so far for any team that has CO. 'D SO FAR....earn the playoff in your own division....problem solved...

teams that have CO are 0 and 4 yes, but there is always the chaceone could win, but that hasn't happen yet, it could have in the past if it was in use, but sadly, it wasn't.

I say keep it, makes the playoffs intreresting., etc etc etc.

Like I mentioned before in my never ending quest to get rid of the crossover.
The unbalanced schedule creates an unfair advantage. It didn't work out this year but what if BC did not go on their skid and finished the season say 16-2. If Hamilton had finished 2 points higher than say Sask, would it be fair that Ham only played BC twice and Sask played them three times?

look at Baseball this year. Philly, Florida and New York all have better records than San Diego but they did not make the playoffs. The 4th place team in the east has a better records than the 1st place team in the west and they don't make the playoffs. Is that Fair? NO! Bbut you don't hear any squawking in Baseball about a crossover. You get the same thing in the NHL and the NFL but everybody lives with it.

You say that Ottawa does not deserve to be in the cup with a 7-11 record. Would a 4th place 8-10 record really deserve it more? The GC is supposed to be the best in the East against the best in the West!!!!!!

Lets say that for 2 or 3 years in a row there is an all east GC do you not think the west would lose interest(or the other way around) The GC has always been about East vs West. Heck the Country has always been East vs West. Lets keep it that way

Mate, I'm not gonna lie to you, it's very possible, but unlikely becase the fact that the league, even with the CO, is heavily dependent on it's divisions.

unlike (I hate to use this example) the AFL/VFL which has no divisions and for the last two seasons has had Grand Finals with not Victorian teams.

and it's gonna be a very long time until that happens in the CFL, maybe well get an all division GC one or two seasons, but that doesn't mean that it will always happen and for every all D GC, there are 90+ more East/West GCs and counting.

besides, we have already had a north/south GC in 1995, what makes an all D GC any worse?

BEcause there is a division between North and South.
North was Canadian, South was American.

As for it being 100% Canadian so what?
Being different doesnt make it right. Baseball doesnt have to live with it but they do because that is the way it is. They dont cry "ITS NOT FAIR I DONT LIKE IT"
The CFL did not always have a crossover, the bottom line is we have it now because some crybaby team threatened to take their ball and go home and and the league caved,

but your argument abou preserving the East/West GCs goes out the window with what happened in 1995. Sorry to play dirty but...

so what? the Single is Canadian, the CFL gets rid of that, so what? No Yards is Canadian, the league becomes more NFL style, so what?

for better or for worse, it's now apart of the league unique rules, history, and play, compared to other leagues which playoff systems are so similar and so boring, I'd rather they all had the CO.

but as you say, "Baseball (???) doesn't have to live with it but they do becase that is the way it is." The CFL doesn't have to live with the CO but they do becase like it or not, that is the way it is.

do you want another 1981 Ottawa team??? I sure don't

if you think the CO is bad, go and see the AFL/VFL finals, now that is a bad system in my opinion becase it gives a team that just lose IN the finals another chance to win it all. I'd love to chage that, but if I did, I'd wreak a system unique to the AFL/VFL that works, so I don't.