Now here's some real trash talking

Oh, Oh, I think I owe you a case of something! :wink:

Where the hell are all the Winnipeg people on this forum?

Eiben's trash talk will come back to haunt him and the Argos. Bombers win by eleven.

Lets get something going here Blue Power Ill pretend to be a Argo fan.

I think Eiben is right. The Bombers had a great offence... but its been slipping for a while. I doubt Glenn and the rest of the offence will be able to get by the Argos defence.

This just in "Adrian Belli has revised the Eiben quote. The Bombers won't even get 5 points in the game tomorrow." These are something else. :lol:

I heard the way the Bombers travel is by being picked up and carried to the next game by mosquitos.

And the Argos just float there on their inflated egos.

Which season in Manitoba do people prefer Mosquito or Winter?

Both are better than smog and exhaust fog.

They have to have smog it kills the mosquitos when Winnipegers show up.

Nope. The stinkin' Argos won't make it through Sunday.
Bombers 27
Argos 9