Now here's a useless rant.

Hit ignore or tell me to STFU, but i've got a beef with the Riders cash cow known as

That's right, cash cow,and nobody in Riderland wants to stop the flow, sure being milked for 20 bucks yearly is petty stuff, BUT as a loyal dedicated die-hard fan who is obligated to promote the Riders in a positive fashion and to consume their products wheather it's in the form of merchandise or tickets I must draw the line at paying for privileges only privy to members of .......But why deflated?????

BecauseThe FUTURE of the Riders lays in the hands of the youth, the one's without credit cards , the ones that manage to convince dad ( who hates footbal) to buy season tickets even though the Riders have suffered through cosecutive 2-14 seasons.......that's right, good times..

My double digit IQ tells me, the internet is where it's at , not with Remenda or Vanstone...Why not offer free ,bring ALL youth into the Rider fold, to the official site that offers the meat and potatoes of insite, where talking to top dogs will make a lasting impression and potentially add many more seson ticket holders for years .............Long live the Riders

Try also has a really good set of forums.

Riderville being a subscription-based site has always been a bit much. But if rider fans are doing it to support the team, I guess that's what works. It is rather unusual that the official site is the pay site, and not the fan site.

It's not as if there's information on Riderville that you can't get elsewhere.

I was about to reply but then I noticed the thread title says it all. :lol:

It is only useless if things don't change. But I 100% agree that Riderville needs to be free.

Thats all I was saying. It is a useless b/c it won't change. Theres enough people on there paying to keep it attractive for them. I wasn't dissing the OP at all. :rockin:

Now im not affliated with the club at all but im 97% sure they do NOT need our financial support in regards to the website, that little bit wouldn't hardly make a difference, And again i have NOTHING to comfirm this but keeping in mind how things have been (sellouts, a LOT of merch sales) there could be a mighty fine surplus building up. Obviously there is always places to put money but hey if you don't NEED it why deprive fans on your own official website?

I know what you are saying. However.... we seem to have garnered the attention of someone on this forum who can make a difference. A few expressions of dissatisfaction tossed his way just might net the results we want. Are you listening Happy to be Green?
Riderville should be a free site for Rider fans and to encourage new fans. Catering just to the choir doesn't grow the congregation. Charging for the official team website seems counterintuitive.

Good Rant - I've always been opposed to paying to provide the club with valuable insight into where they have gone wrong. The first time was when they unceremoniously let Bobby J. go. I went to fire off an e-mail and found there was no way to do that unless you belonged to So the poor person who answered the telephone at the Rider office had to listen to my opinions. So yes I agree Riderville should be free, if for no other reason than to give a break to whoever is working the phones after the Riders make some bone head move. :lol: