Now here is a skewed Poll

This is the fan poll on the main page… and the results so far:

Who is your preseason favourite to win the CFL’s East Division?
Total Votes: 355
Winnipeg 37%

Winnipeg to win the East? :lol:
32% believe either Hamilton or Toronto are going to win the East? I can buy that hope springs eternal, but delusional thinking is hitting a new high… :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

pot meet kettle sambo


It just goes to show how tinted some "Glasses" can be for the home team.

Oh well, can't knock optimism.

No offense to the blue and gold but WTF? I predict they will be the "new" Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the last few seasons in the East. :wink:

Agreed. I predict the Bombers win no more than 4 games this year.

The Bombers will be better than Toronto. Kelly has way more CFL experience than the Tor. coaches. Toronto was awful last year and they have not improved their team at all. Toronto will be a complete disaster this year. KJ can't throw the ball to save his life,teams take the run away , knowing he can't beat them with his arm.

And then there’s LaFors … and a big hole where Stegall used to be.

Anything can happen. That's why they play the games.

The poll is not skewed because it's an opinion poll.

I would personally say that Montreal is the class of the East but they have to play 18 games just like the rest of the teams.

Aren't like all polls opinion? Unless it is something like a Census?

The Bombers still lead this poll at 36%... which is why you no credibility to these polls. Everyone complains that if the Riders are involved, the usually win these things, which means that all the Rider fans vote for their team. Now that its turned around, its pot meet kettle? Even you have to admit that the Bombers winning the East division is a long shot.

What's even more frightening is that 69% of the voters don't believe Montreal will finish first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am surprised that Rider Nation didn't provide write in votes for SSK to win the East!

A poll that saskatchewan didnt win, a first perhaps…obviously it was not only skewed but rigged.

Hamilton's up to 19% and Toronto's down to 14%
works for me :wink:

Not a Bomber fan but anyone who dismisses the Blue and Gold could be in for a surprise. Their offensive line will be MUCH better than last year and their D-line should be improved as well. Last year the O-line problems made them look much worse than they really were. First? I doubt it. But I can't see them being in the basement.

Now they have the question of who will win the West... Sask and Calgary are tied at 29% each... I don't know how anyone thinks the Riders will finish first.. again, a popularity contest. Although I'm a Rider fan, I voted for the Stamps...

…your training is almost complete young Jedi…

Young Jedi?.. Calgary wins the division, the only reason being that Sask and BC are weaker than last year, and Edmonton is not quite good enough to challenge for 1st. The Stamps are going to be picked 1st by default… not because the Stamps are improved over the rest of the division. If BC and SK surprise with consistent offences, then the Stamps might have a fight for 1st on their hands.

After watching the riders win every poll even if their not listed Im just voting for BC from now on no matter the qestion. I swear the Riders would win if they asked who will finish last just because they dont want to lose the poll.

These polls are wrong most of the time anyway :smiley: