Now for the positives

All right after all the negatives that have been pointed out about last week I think we should look at some of the positives too.

I thought Smith really looks like he belongs and only looks to get better with some time. Our O line also held their own and that was a big concern going into this game. Richardson seems to be gaining more confidence in himself and if he can stay healthy he will be an assest. Messam and Allen also had good games and both showed a big difference from last year. Messam really looks to be in good shape and it showed on his 53 yard romp. What surprised me most was how fast he tore down the field. Allen made some good runs too and I thought did a fair job on helping with blocking plus he seems to be making some catches that he wouldn't have done last year.

All in all I would give the offense a solid A in this game as they did more then enough to win it.

The biggest positive for me is that the main reason for the loss is easily fixable. Tighten up the fundamentals on defense and this team is going to win a ton of games because the offense is lethal.