Now, Can you all FINALLY agree Printers proved himself?

One win doesn't make a season....but Printers appears to be showing more maturity. I'll wait and see after next season before judging.

I think you keep Printers, Pierce and Lulay

Jackson is a dumb QB that forces the ball when pressured. All he really has is the strong arm for the Long bomb. I'm sure we could "Fleece" Mike Kelly in Winnipeg for a useful player. Champion could sit on the pratice roster like he did most of the season.


I think we jeep Printers, Jackson and Lulay

Well Geroy SimonFan.... here it is...

I say we keep Buck, Lulay.. .. ok and just to make you happy we can keep Casey for you!!! (as a backup!) LOL

I totally agree with Sportsmen.... JJ's got an arm but seems confused alot of the times out on the field.

Lets just see how things pan out at Training Camp next year... tell me Geroy.. what is Casey's current contract? was it just for this season?

Sorry Jakob, but Wally has never been known to give up a blue chip prospect like Lulay. He's going to groom them like any other QB he had in the past.If anything one the Vets will probably be let go in the end.

he better keep printers.

Hey Geroy SimonFan... sure we can keep Casey as a backup!!!..LOL :twisted: