Now, Can you all FINALLY agree Printers proved himself?

LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS! Look how many yards he threw, look at his completion stat, that one play, our own 10 i think so, if we didn't get the first down, we would of been kicking into the wind, instead printers bombs it down to arcenaux! Printers played AMAZING! Him and geroy were amazing together, and arcenaux! He has proven himself, from the very beginning he proved himself. Most of all, he got us A WIN, in the PLAYOFFS, when we MOSTLY NEED IT!

Now, leofan! Please agree that printers proved himself and is a good QB! If we had Lulay or Jackson in, Im not to sure we would of won that game.

LOOK OUT MONTREAL, HERE WE COME! AND WERE HUNGRY AS EVER! (we have a chance at the als, we have proven we can beat them or keep it a close game, and with printers in, I think we have a huge chance of winning.

Yes he has. I love the fact he had tears in his eyes. The guy has had a tough couple years.

Go Lions Go!

Yeah! in that interview at the end of the game, he was so passionate of his team, and so proud to be a lion, I am proud of you printers, so proud, good job man, he has truly inspired me.

I've never doubted Printers' ability. I would not be surprised if he became the starter next season. He could have easily won 2 of the last 3 regular season games but that of course is history. I am just so glad that he went the distance, and that Mallet and Smart are healthy. I look forward to the Lions meeting Montreal. Personally I think B.C. can take Montreal.

Yes, he could of won the last 2 of 3 games in regular season, but we fell apart in the ends, but yes, that is history. And we DO have a shot at Montreal for sure.

It's just one game but it was the opportune time to win his first of the season. He's played well since stepping in and knew he could perform. I hope he keeps it going next week. Lions played the Als tough this season, with or without the controversial call, so this hopefully will be a good game. Lions played them tough without Printers so it should be interesting

I liked the old casey - if you've got it flaunt it.

pht, if we won without printers, im sure we will dominate :slight_smile:

Geroy SimonFan... so I see you want me to admit that Casey has talent and proved himself. Yes he did a good job yesterday, but I think yesterday the team stepped up to the plate!! Why who knows.. but if they lost yesterday the paycheques would be stopping also if you play well you get invited back to camp next year.. so maybe that could be some motivation.

Remember my doubt in Casey Printers was his self interest ... I think he even admitted himself when interviewed he said his experience in Hamilton and being on the sidelines until Wally called helped him to become a better person... so maybe he got a little humble. So far he is saying the right things... lets see what happens the remainder of the season and in camp next year, and Geroy SimonFan I am referring to attitude. We all know he has talent. So is he actually under contract after this season?? or can he wait and see if some other team wants to offer him big $$$. Coudl be interesting. :smiley:

Yes. This is definitely a new and improved Casey Printers!

Me like....


I may never become a CP fan, but its hard to deny he did a good job on Sunday. And the thing I think he did best was to throw the ball out of bounds when there was nothing open. Could the kid be growing up?

Maybe he does have a future here (can't believe I just said that).

YES! the team sure did, defense did a lot better, besides like the last 2 minutes. But we had good coverage and lots of sacks when we needed them, and that sack in overtime was a beauty, but even if printers does get a team offering more money, I think he will stay with BC, casey really loves the team bc lions I think and feels more confident on that team.

He does have a future, he is only 28 I think and still has lots of football left, hopefully lots of football left on BC.

he is the best qb on your roster. im pretty sure they will resign CP and try and trade away lulay. you could get some good players for lulay from someone like the bombers. with baron miles more than likely retiring, a new safety might be a good idea. i know it was only a short look but tad crawford was not impressive at all. looked scared, where as you could prolly get a veteran safety or halfback plus some picks or soemthing from the bombers who are in qb trouble lol

I expect to see Printers start next season and see one or both of Jackson and Pierce gone once they are medically cleared. Buono will keep the best of the young prospects and perhaps keep one of the veterans QBs as a back-up for a while.

They obviously like Lulay better than Champion, so he stays. I think they keep JJ and let Buck go or try to trade him. Still think Lulay has a long career ahead of him as a starter somewhere.

I agree. I think Lulay and Jackson will remain next year. Buck fought the good fight but by the looks of it the old bod just cannot take anymore. I would have no problems at all seeing Printers as starting QB for the Lions at the old Empire Stadium site.

Jeez my 2004 MOP Printers jersey doesn't look so strange now does it? just had it re-done with sewn letters & #'s with a big autograph on the 1, even got the Rona & Scotia Bank patches from Kato to give it that pro look. Always knew he had the talent now we know he has Lion's Pride to go with it. Last thing I told him was Wally owed him a start in the Grey Cup so this year we cash it in, he laughed & agreed completely. Really nice soft spoken guy who seems to really have changed without the meddling Medlock in his camp. Had all the time for me & my 3 year old son signing autographs for not only us but a table full of lunch boxes for an elementary school giveaway that was done by a fellow season ticket holder.(not even by the club).
There were 3 basic truths before this season Printers will never start a game in a BC uniform (hows the shorts taste Ferraro?) a Western team has never won in the East & I would never have an opportunity to sit in Empire Stadium like my Dad did with me. Sounds like all 3 are blown out of the water now

nicely put... I look forward to sitting in Empire Stadium again!!