Now, before you all go crazy about that Fumble......

its not called anything.. it's just moved out to the 10

Actually....had it been rulled that Ham had last posession before it went out the would have been ruled a safety and Ham would have kicked the ball back to SSK....... I think

wrong league.

It applies to punts and field goals as well.

those are kicks

Alright, but it still can’t be a safety.

So you’re saying even if the riders were awarded a saftey and hamilton gets the ball, the riders still would have won?

i am not sayign the cats would have won but you can’t just go ahead and say the riders would still have won.

Because then Hamilton goes into that next posession with a completely different approach only needing a FG

If it was a safety, the Ticats would be kicking it off to the Riders. There’s still a better chance that they recover the onside kick that way, but they have to work for possession.

why? Think about it.

If you have possesion of the ball, and you make the ball go through the endzone, by kicking, throwing, fumbling, or knocking, it is a safety.

OTOH, what I am not sure of is, if you have possession at your own one and the other team knocks it out of your hand and through your own endzone, what then?? I am guessing unrecovered fumble and ball at your forward point of progress.

it would have been hamilton ball at the 35.

If it is a safety, Hamilton kicks off.

not if it was a safety. cmon now.

What about when there is an interception that is not returned out of the endzone?

Would the same rule apply if Hamilton had CLEARLY recovered a live fumble in the end zone?

Because Hamilton never had possession outside of the endzone.

If Hamilton had recovered the turnover in the endzone (via fumble or interception), I believe it would have been there ball at the 25 yard line, no points awarded to Saskatchewan, but because the ball went out of the endzone with no one recovering it it is the offense’s ball at the last point of possession (which was the one yard line).


Kind of got lost in some of the quoting but does someone think that you don’t get 2 pts for a safety??? To clarify its 2pts for a safety and 1pt for a rouge. As stated above if the ball had been called Hamiltons it would have been ruled as a safety and Hamilton would have had to kickoff to Sask. Sask would have been awarded 2pts putting them up by one. The rules in this scenario are different in the NFL.

Hamilton will have a good team this year and will be competing for 1st and second place in the east.

You are correct if the ball had been recovered and not gone out of bounds, since the ball was never possesed/recovered by the Ti-cats its a moot point.

No, it can’t be a safety, we’ve went over this.

Your right, the only way that it would have been Ham ball would have been if the punch was ruled to be a touch, which it is not. If the act of dis possesing the offensive player was considered the touch it would have been Ham ball on the 1 yard line.