Now, before you all go crazy about that Fumble......

the referee made the right call..

Since you can't gain possession by causing a fumble (which is the rule) the Roughriders still have possession. So First down on the 1 is the correct call.

it was never going to be Hamilton's Football.

thanks! :smiley:

That is an interesting rule. I thought it was going to be Hamilton ball, but the Riders get a single point. I believe in the NFL that would have been a touchback.

no, it would not have been a touchback. because a fumble from the offensive team going into the defenders Endzone is still live.

Ya but the ball went threw the endzone. The same thing happened to the Patriots a couple years ago in the playoffs. They returned an interception down to the 1 yard line, had the ball fumbled threw the endzone and it was a touchback.

then that's the stupidest, dumbest rule i've ever heard of.

In the NFL it's a touchback if it goes out of the endzone

That is why I thought it was going to be a single point and Hamilton ball on the 35.

this is the CFL not the NFL thank god

acutally, had a ticat player been deemed as being the the last to touch the ball, I think it would have been a 2 pt safety.

But as cflisthebest pointed out, you cannot gain possesion by causing a fumble.

But if Hamilton knocks it out and it goes out of bounds at the one, it's Hamilton ball... That's why I would assume it would have been a safety.

Either way, it's a Rider win.

With contrary logic, the team defending would be charged with a safety if they were stopped in the endzone. The touchback for a fumble through the endzone or recovery is a good rule.

either way, sask wins. if they had somehow deemed that hamilton had last touch possesion, then by knocking the ball through their own endzone, they give up a 2 pt safety and kick the ball back to sask.

Nope. Would have been a touchback, I don’t know what would happen with the 1 pt though. It probably would have went to the Riders.

No, Hamilton would have had to knock the loose ball out of bounds for it to be Hamilton ball.

there is no touchback in the cfl

Understood now…

I’m thinking this comment is directed at me. That is why I said I thought it would have been a single point and Hamilton football.

What do you call it when a player takes a knee in the endzone after a punt or kick then?

It can’t be a safety because the defensive player never had the ball outside the of the end zone.

its a just a single, or a rouge, and only applies to kicks.