Now Accepting Apologies....

Charlie, Marcel, Denny......

After a solid week of over-the-top criticism you might not get many apologies but a well deserved congratulations you outcoached and outschemed a good football team and obviously had a great week of preparation.


Well said. Where did they all go?

Sorry, they are all busy wondering why Chang wasn't holding on FG's.

They will be right back after the next loss.

Best tasting Crow I evey ate.

Great game all around. Here's hoping they can keep it up!!
Keep running 28 and the rest will open up as the opposing D has to focus on him.


Absolutely, the problem is that now, they expect to go undefeated.

And its not just the fact they outcoached someone they outcoached Rich Stubler. With significant injuries and ratio juggling to boot.

Ok, has everyone made themselves feel bigger? There are always going to be some over the top critics (anyone remember STOX from last year? Where'd he go?) but remember they are TiCat fans too. It's in our collective best interests to have them buying tickets, swag, etc, so turning them off the team is not a good idea. Welcome back nellies, we missed your optimism.

Feel bigger? No..vindicated. :smiley:

Us turn them off? :cry: No way.

They are world class masochists :wink:

or how else could they stand
living with the toxic emotions

that the Ticats stir up in them? :lol:

Last I checked nobody has the ability to tell the future.So just sit back and enjoy what good will happen! So funny! :wink:

Nice to see that all the misanthropic gloating is relegated to this one thread.

Guess some people can't just be happy with a win. Agendas? :roll:

Oooops, sorry, I have to go cut the grass. Go Ticats.


I'm as happy as anyone with the win, but let's not hurt our arms patting ourselves on the back just yet. It's one game. As we have seen, things can change dramatically from week to week.

Full credit to the team and coaching staff, but I'm still taking a "wait and see" approach. It definately was a team effort and I think that the lack of penalties made a HUGE difference.

Keep up the great work.

No kidding. Ironic and pathetic all rolled up into one. Or is it just hypocritical?

Congrats on the win!! everyone go out and buy a ticket for the next home game!

May I respectfully add Lawrence Gordon to the list of people getting apologies...or if not apologies, at least BIG CHEERS...played a great game, man...liked the shut down of the receivers and the hustle on special teams...

And Ray Mariuz how I thought played well in both games.

He was all over the place.

I do think Ray played better in last nights game too. Good for him.

Good call Captain...Ray looked better than he has since being a Marauder...

Shutting up the negative-for-its-own sake jagoffs should always be on the agenda.

That,and its always fun to see what kind of post a guilty, begrudged conscience churns out. :wink: