November 6th!

Ok, I am starting this topic really early to give all of those 'couch potatoes' time to provide us excuses why they don't come to games, etc.

Right now, this team is 9-7 and is dominating the last three games. People complain its not worth the money to support a lackluster team, blah, blah. No excuses! The Ticats are in the playoffs, kicking a** on their way to a home playoff game.

After last nights game of 23,000 people - I was very disappointed. This team needs full support - they've earned it.

So November 6th needs to be a full house to let the team know that were behind them going into the playoffs!

For all of those casual fans by tickets for November 6th and get access to playoff tickets as well - who cares if its going to be a little chilly its CFL football!

Black out last home game.

No sell-out = no game.

You wanna watch ,no problem ...20 bucks to watch. Can't afford 20 buck , no problem ...TSN will re-broadcast it at 2am.

don't like ...too bad.
Get your lazy A$$ down to the stadium.

Hey our family even picked up half price tickets for last night's game. $35 a ticket to sit on the 50 yard line. What more can you ask for....

Is 555.57 kilometers acceptable?

Just sayin'...I think we can agree that some of us contribute to Ticat Nation from afar here and that is also valid. From Taiwan to Terrebonne!

:D :D :D

Oski Oui Oui!


…and can we agree that there ALOT of lazy SOB’s that talk the talk?

There are plenty more reasons why one could not make a football game than being a lazy ass...

I hear narrow mindedness is hereditary

The CFL is an entertainment product.

You can’t threaten fans to show up at every Ticats game or risk being called a “lazy S.O.B”". It’s hardly a clever marketing tool and thankfully, the current Tiger-Cat organization doesn’t stoop to that level.

Attendance will naturally increase year by year as the product becomes consistently competitive.

As an analogy, how would it look if Theatre Aquarius called citizens of Hamilton derogatory names just because they aren’t packing the house for every event ?..the reality is that the onus is on the theatre to make people want to attend.

There’s a lot on the plates of the average Hamilton family right now and I think 23,000 is a pretty good number…but yes, more would be a better goal to achieve for sure.


The final home game is usually a big one for redemption of non-used and comp tickets. I think there will be an awesome crowd at that game.

If it were up to me, I'd give you a pass. Seems like a pretty good reason to me. :wink:

If you can plunk your fat A$$ down on the couch for 3 hrs then shirley 5,000 out 500,000 Hamiltonians can manage to find Ivor wynne on a perfect Friday night to watch a 1st place team battle a fantastic 2nd place team for almost nothing.

I would love to know how many Hamiltonians sat at home and watched it.

Like I said, stay at home 20 buck . Can't afford it..2am .

Give me a good reason why that's not acceptable?

Yeah, "Shirley" indeed.



I'll field this one. The tickets remaining were not $20. There were empty seats in every area, and tickets are not $20 for every seat.

Don’t call me “Shirley”!!!

That reminds me of the special edition DVD I once bought for the movie Airplane. It was subtitled "The Don't Call Me Shirley Edition". :lol: :lol: :lol:

Outscoring the opponent 106-17 in the past 3 games, and having a record of 8-3 in the past 11 games, don't know what else the Cats can do to attract more fans.

I go to a lot of games -- last night, unfortunately, wasn't one of them. Making a 7pm kick-off on a weeknight in the golden horseshoe is f'n difficult. Even when a buddy of mine was picking up the tab for my ticket. Hence, had to decline the offer -- PVR'd the game and watched it about a quarter behind.

Thankfully, there wasn't a blackout.

damn it damn it damn it AAARRGG!!!
Something very wrong with this forum because I'm sure I said surely. Mods ,can you check into this please. It is very embarrassing.

Sorry blogskee, you missed my point.
20 bucks if you want to watch it live on TSN in the Hamilton area. If not , watch it for free at 2am ...take your pick.....or buy a ticket.

What point? Who are YOU to dictate anything to anybody?

TSN doesn't listen to you. Nor does the CFL. Thankfully.