November 3rd, 2001

What is the significance of that date?

It was the last time the Tiger-Cats have won a meaningful game in Toronto. I for one have been to many of the losses at SkyDome/Roger Centre since then and I am really hoping the Ticats prove me wrong when I say that they are hard pressed to end that streak tonight.

So what has happened to you since that date?

I for one have enrolled and graduated from university and grad school, moved twice, met a wonderful girl and got engaged, my father has retired, and my sister has had another 2 children since then. I guess that puts it in to perspective for me.

The only things that have stayed the same is the handsome devil running the country below us, the Leafs haven't won the Stanley Cup, and the Tiger-Cats getting embarrassed in that cavernous, crappy carpeted, abode the ____s call home.

Oh, and my faith in the Tiger-Cats is still as strong as ever! (Just don't talk to me immediately after a loss) And I will be there tonight to hopefully watch them end the streak! Will you?


Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

That was a great game but my favorite memory of watching the Cats play there was in 1992. It was the last game of the regular season and the Cats scored 38 points in the 2nd quarter alone. I think they set a CFL record for most points scored in a single quarter.

Wow. That's really depressing.

Let's see. What's happened to me since then...

I've gotten separated, my children have both had their First Confession and Communion, my niece and nephew have graduated elementary school, my other 2 nephews have graduated high school AND college and I've met the man of my dreams (and that's just the good stuff).

It really does put things into perspective.

  • I've lost a lot of hair
  • divorced, annulled (soon), re-engaged
  • my hound went up to doggie heaven
  • got into Geo-Thermal systems
  • finally got through Ulysses
  • converted to the TiCats from Esks

...and not going tonight. Been too to many games at the rogers centre since 2003 and have been very disapointed and embarrased.

will watch tonight from the comforts of my living room in HD with ma beer.

Go Cats.

Oh Paul you always know how to tie a great big fat red bow on everything.

It's a blessing and a curse, all at the same time.

  • paul
8) Another smart man !!!!! :wink: