november 3

The time has come to make a silent protest.I wouldsuggest that on november 3 rd with 7 minutes left WE leave on mass,after all we will be losing and we might be able to catch the end of the leaf habs game.

Everyone will probably be long gone by then. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Doesnt that happen every home game? lol

I don't get it....whats the point? Ever year this team has listen to the fans and made player, coaching and staff changes. Look at what this has gotten us.

Protesting a sporting event....what a joke. Why don't you spend your passion for activism on a worthy cause.

The Detroit lions Fans Tried this to get Matt Millen Fired.. .. It Didnt work
Nor will this

How about putting coaches corner on the big screen,I mean its not like I'll be missing any football action.

The Leafs are a joke anyways.

You’re a Tiger-Cat AND Leafs fan?
Man, I feel for you…

You’re not just going to have a bad summer and fall, but winter and spring as well…