FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT.Two teams out of the playoffs or stay home for leaf habs?Decisions,decisions.

That looks like 4 non-playoff teams at this point!

doubt it

Leave my habs alone or I'll disband your fan club. :wink:

and you leave my leafs alone

Hey, I'm an Islanders fan. I can smell a non-playoff team from a mile away! We know our scent!


Can't do it.

Islanders fan, PW?? Okay I won't make you suffer anymore than you already have. :stuck_out_tongue:

go ISLES go!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also am an Islander fan,hey what can I say 4 cups in a row,absolutly nothing since LOL!!!! As for all you Leaf fans ,all I can say is GO leafs Go....and take every other team from T.O. with you!!!!!!LOL :oops: :lol:

As a Habs fan and good friend of paullywoods I'd have to agree that all 4 teams will have trouble making the playoffs. Cats fans if you wanna see bad management look no further then the Bulldogs parent club.

No contest.

Hockey season doesn't start until football ends in February.

If the cats are winless at that point, the decision is easy.

If we are in no postion to make the playoffs I’ll likely watch hockey.

I will be at the game.

If there was no game that night, I'd still be watching football on TV.