thats what the name of the team. in an unlikeley senario that another city gets a team its going to be

Come on man, we just finished the grey cup and your worried about expansion. The CFL should only expand when a city already has sold 20,000 season tickets. The league is strong the way it is, don't want a watered down league. i.e. MLB, NHL


Not the schooners, not the highllanders, some one come up with agood name.


Thunder is a good name.

Why? The Halifax Highlanders is a good name. It actually reflects something cultural about the area. Even moreso if it were Nova Scotia instead, given that Scotch Gaellic is still spoken in Cape Breton. I would otherwise suggest, if not Schooners, the Destroyers (as in Navy). However, I think Victoria Destroyers sounds better, and is just as relevant.

They could have plaid jerseys.

And Thunder has been reserved for Thunder Bay.

Oh well, the highlanders and the schooners aren’t very good names in my opinion.

Halifax Highlanders has a good ring to me.

Have the Halifax team represent the Atlantic by naming them the "Atlantic something" to get people from NB, PEI, CBI, and newfoundland into it.

The Halifax Destroyers

I agree that their title should be "Atlantic" and not Halifax, Moncton, whatever. Much like the Patriots in the NFL. I think that the Highlanders and the Schooners are both good names, but whoever said that they should have plaid jerseys is surely joking.

I am joking. I know it rather hurts me online, but I'm a member of the Anti-Smiley League. I only use them when my comments can easily be taken the wrong way and really get folks riled up. However, even so, perhaps they could integrate a tartan into their uniform - instead of a helmet stripe, a tartan pattern (perhaps the Nova Scotia tartan).

Ages ago, I suggested the HALIFAX PRIVATEERS as a great name. It got a lot of nods from folks out east. As a Maritimer, I really don't care for the 'Atlantic' tag, but the HIGHLANDERS is great as well!!!

I like it !

C'mon guys, the Highlanders? - Aren't those dancers that wear freakin' kilts, otherwise known as a type of SKIRT. That is the image that it conjures up for me. Need something more agreesive than that.

Instead of wearing the black under their eyes, they will be wearing black eyeliner if you let the name Highlanders stand.

How about the Atlantic Storm?

The storm is another good name. I've heard 3 good names now, the Storm, the Wolves, and The Destroyers.

I take you've never seen Braveheart, or have any Scottish ancestry oncesoever. And calling a kilt a skirt? Don't make me sick Sean Connery on you.

Halifax SeaWolves

Highlanders was the original name of the New York Yankees. let's let the Yanks keep their unofficial nickname.