Nova Scotia cancels all Rugby due to highest injuries

thought it would be Football but Football is almost on par with soccer. I will post the CBC article link

Better get rid of waterpolo as well I guess. :-\

Add water polo to the list of sports where[url=]concussions[/url]are common....

I always hated rugby or rugger or whatever else it was called. i was a runner when I was young and getting constantly getting kicked in the shins with no pads was a big detriment. No equipment and a free for all was not good. Guys ALWAYS got hurt. There is way more contact than football and no protection. Hey, I wasn’t a shrinking Violet but when two noggins crack together, it kinda puts a damper on things.

Nova Scotia just doubled the fine for texting and driving. I’ve been here since Feb 1 and it’s like Heaven to drive around. I have not seen one person texting and driving. People are courteous. They stop anywhere to let a pedestrian cross the street. Can you believe that ?.. My wife likes to go places with me now. The fact that almost everyone does the speed limit is just icing on the pie(Blueberry).

Went and picked up 3 nice size lobsters early this morning. Can’t wait much longer.

Decision reversed.

Apparently Rugby Canada and the Nova Scotian association wasn’t consulted beforehand.

Seems like it was a knee jerk reaction after all and glad sanity prevailed.

Those stats show that rugby has more concussions than hockey, football and soccer combined.

Maybe the players need to sign waivers that they will take care of their own needless head injuries, now and in the future when the symptoms start to really show.

I’m biased anyway. I don’t care about rugby or soccer. The two sports I really like, hockey and football, protect their players heads and it doesn’t take away from the game.

The article states this is because reporting is prioritized in rugby than it is those other sports. I would think the concussions would be higher in football than rugby. Sure, football “protects” the head by having its players wear helmets, but those helmets often give players a false sense of safety. Not to mention the extra amount of force that can come crushing down on another player from wearing armor…

It would be interesting to see what the stats would be if a study was done in the A7FL.

Yeah I’ve played both. Football was far harder on the head as players were reckless because of being armored. When your head is unprotected its automatic that you keep it out of the way. Tackle low, head up when running etc. Far more respectful of the head in rugby I found.