Nov. 8th vs. Als - Biggest game IN Hamilton in 4 Years

Well there are about 150 tickets left according to Ticketmaster for the game next Saturday against the Als and once those are gone it is a 24,000 sellout.

I think it is safe to say this is likely the biggest game played IN HAMILTON since the 2010 EDSF against the Argos.

Can’t wait!

With a Full Stadium upper Deck west stands open :rockin:

22,000 and Change If will be a Playoff Game atmosphere

Travel Pat,

Arguably, the biggest game since this......The EF is on the line!

There was no 2010 EDSF played! if I understand correctly, win and their in (and may be 1st place), lose and the only way in is if the Argos lose both remaining games (Als and the RBs)

The Blowies beat the cats 16-13

Deangelis missed 3 FG's including a 23 yarder that game..... :x :thdn: :frowning:


I believe that's right kicker.

That's correct.

I thought it was a scenario of Montreal beating the Argos, then we needing to beat Montreal by eight points to get first place...right? :?

That is correct, then there are scenarios with ties in any of the remaining 3 games.

If the Blows win tomorrow we need a straight up win against Montreal next week. Simply a win no 8 pt diff.

That also sets up a three way tie for first place. 8-9 Records

Hope like Hell for Ottawa to beat Toronto on Friday. Really its a hope and a prayer for that to happen but its the CFL.
But our best chance to finish first.

I think we have a much better chance to take down the Argos at Skydump in an EF than the Als in Montreal

Based on all this IMHO: I would rather see Choke Choke Choke the Argos win Sunday.

Thus we only need to beat Montreal. I Think it will be closer than 8 pts.


Montreal has been tough this year at home and Toronto has been lousy on the road like most eastern teams, it will be a playoff atmosphere for sure in Montreal tomorrow (Sunday) with a lot on the line.

I see Montreal beating the snot out of Toronto and than coming in to Tim Horton's next Saturday to get cream whipped by the Tiger-Cats who have a perfect record so far at home. The game will be the coming out game for our offence which has struggled pretty much all year in close games or nail bitters, it's high time this offence takes control and scores TD's in the red zone that will be the determining factor if this young team is ready to be a playoff team or not?

Good defensive and special teams win last night in Ottawa, offence needs more work!!!


id like to see the EF in Ontario too But I think the odds of us winning by 8 points is greater than say your other scenario of Toronto beating Montreal and Ottawa beating Toronto.

I think it will be the biggest game EVER at THF.
Next week at this time the 3 teams will be tied with 8 wins - so it will be a big game.

Remember that the Cats have Never lost to the als in the playoffs since YUL returned to the CFL in '96....whether or not the game was played in Guelph, YHM, or YUL.

id rather see MTL win. that way we control our own destiny to capture first place. win by 8 pts and we get first place, win at all and we get in the playoffs.

much better than having the argos win tomorrow and have to hope they lose to ottawa for us to get first place

The whole idea of the argos winning sunday is if we beat montreal on sat there is no need to win by 8 points which is not easy by any means and we would possibly host eastern semi against sask and then maybe to tor for the final if they beat ottawa were we can pack the house and make it a home away from home like last year

From Drew Edwards

The Ticats playoff scenarios

[b]There are still several different outcomes for the East Division depending what happens tomorrow between Toronto and Montreal as well as the two games next week (Ottawa at Toronto on Friday, Montreal at Hamilton on Saturday.)

Here are scenarios as far as I understand them.

If Toronto beats Montreal on Sunday

The win-loss totals look like this:

Hamilton is 8-9
Toronto is 8-9
Montreal is 8-9

• Hamilton gets into the playoffs with a straight up win over the Alouettes.
• Hamilton wins the East if Toronto loses to Ottawa and Hamilton beats Montreal straight up.

What happens if Hamilton loses to Montreal in this scenario: they’re out.

If Montreal beats Toronto on Sunday

The win-loss totals look like this:

Hamilton is 8-9
Toronto 7-10
Montreal is 9-8

• Hamilton gets into the playoffs with a straight up win over the Alouettes.
• Hamilton wins the East if they beat Montreal by eight or more points.

What happens if Hamilton loses to Montreal in this scenario: they make the playoffs if Toronto loses to Ottawa on Friday, regardless of what happens against the Alouettes.

So I think Ticat fans should be cheering for Montreal tomorrow if only because it gives their team a chance to make the playoffs a couple of different ways and they can still win the division on their own. A Toronto win makes Saturday’s game win-or-go-home for Hamilton and takes winning the division out of their hands.

According to, the Ticats currently have a 60.2 per cent chance of making the post-season. Here’s how the numbers change depending on the outcome of tomorrow’s game between Toronto and Montreal:

  1. If Montreal wins.

Montreal: 100 per cent
Toronto: 36.4 per cent
Hamilton: 63.3 per cent

  1. If Toronto wins.

Montreal: 45.7 per cent
Toronto: 99.8 per cent
Hamilton: 54.5 per cent

All these scenarios ignore the possibility of a tie in any of the games (it’ also why the odds don’t quite add up to 100 per cent.) I’m simply not well versed enough in the CFL tie-breaking rules (or good enough at math) to figure out the various scenarios involving ties.[/b]

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