Nov. 3 Tickets - Any Offers Coming Available?

There have been some special offers in the past. Ticketmaster wants close to $60 for seats and I'm an Ivor Wynne family zone kind of guy. This game would be outside the budget.

Anyone hear of any offers coming out or anyone used to the scalping scene in Toronto? I can't believe that there won't be tickets available at a decent price considering Argo attendance this year.

Its still early, there will be, I will keep my eye out and let TIGERTOWN know.

Here is one if your a Scotia Bank card holder.

Never buy from Ticket Master. They charge a fortune. Just get them at the gate when you get there.

Yes, I emailed the Tiger-Cats last week and they said their will be.

I am expecting some sort of announcement late this week, or first thing next week.

Either way their will be plenty of time and availability for tickets as I don't expect a big crowd for the Argos last game on a Thursday night...

8) They will be lucky to draw even 15,000 to that game, and that's counting TiCat fans as well !! :wink:

You can usually grab them for around $20 from a scalper.

Just got an email that there is a special for Ticat season ticket holders, but the cheapest ticket is still 41.50 for silver seats.

Did you see what a tomb that place was when they hosted Edmonton? Just show up on gameday. Cheap tickets will abound.

The 6:30pm start for the Edmonton game is attributed in part to that. I'd like to say there'll be a decent crowd on the 3rd, but with it being a Thursday night game, there'll be plenty of seats available. Absolute cheapest I've been able to find is $23 for a "Blue" from the box office. (That's where I got for the Oct. 1st game; 200-level, north west end zone.)

Ticats Season Seat Holder Ticket Discount for November 3rd Game in Toronto

Dear Season Seat Holder,

Thank you for your support during the 2011 season. It's hard to believe that, with our 42-10 victory over the B.C. Lions on Saturday, we have completed our home schedule. However, with two remaining road games and the CFL playoffs ahead, there is still a lot of football to be played.

As in the past, we have arranged for all Hamilton Tiger-Cats Season Seat Holders to come to the Rogers Centre on Thursday, November 3rd at 7:30pm to watch the final Ticats regular season game of the 2011 campaign.

As a Hamilton Tiger-Cats Season Seat Holder, you will receive your tickets for the Toronto game at a discounted price point.

Prices are as follows (not including Rogers Centre Facility Fees or Ticketfast Fees):

Section - Discounted Price - Regular Price

Gold - $61.50 - $72

Section - Discounted Price - Regular Price

Silver - $43.50 - $51

*This offer will not be available on day of game purchases

Click below to get your discounted tickets for the November 3rd game. The special offer code is touchdown.

[url=] ... ustomerID=[/url]

Click below to see the Toronto Argonauts Seating Chart

[url=] ... eb0520.jpg[/url]

Take advantage of these discounted ticket prices and come out and support the Tiger-Cats on the road. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) all of the Black and Gold faithful in the Rogers Centre seats on November 3rd. If you have any inquiries specific to the Toronto Argonauts, contact their ticket service number at 416-341-2746.

Oskee Wee Wee,


two(2) bronze level tickets and a $25.00 gift card for $59.99 ($85 VALUE)


four(4) bronze level tickets and a $50.00 gift card for $119.99 ($170 VALUE)

TO PURCHASE TICKETS email ... eb0520.jpg

The Cats Claws are running a bus trip to Toronto for the game on November 3rd. The cost is $50 which includes bus transportation to and from the game and your game ticket. For more information please contact Carol Rose at 905-664-6117. :thup:

There is some GREAT DEALS above. Lets give our Tiger-Cats a Great send off before the Playoffs !! :thup:

bump :thup: :thup:

Lets make this a home game like we did the last time we played in Toronto :rockin:

I bought tickets from a scalper last game. Paid $40 for 2 pretty good seats...on the 5 yard line, lower level, on the argos side. Do not buy from the box office or ticket master - rip off. Buy from a scalper. Best bang for your buck!!

Unfortunately, I called, and she said she is most likely not doing the bus thing anymore due to lack of ppl interested, only about 20 ppl were interested, I was actually really hoping to get people to go! Come on ppl lets fill a bus and senda packed bus to the game, 50 bucks, cant beat that! If not I guess scalpers it is lol

Join Us in Toronto for a Pre-Game Party on November 3rd

Your Ticats will head to Toronto to face the Toronto Argonauts this Thursday, November 3rd at 7:30 p.m. at the Rogers Centre for the final regular season game of the year. If you're planning on heading down to the game, then you won't want to miss the Ticats pre-game party at Jack Astor's. Come to the Jack's location on 133 John Street in Toronto at 6:30pm, for an official Ticats pre-game party and then head down the street to the Rogers Centre with other Ticats fans in a sea of black and gold for the 7:30 kickoff.

We have arranged a special price with the Argonauts, exclusively available to Ticats Season Seat Holders. Ticats Season Seat Holders can purchase tickets to Thursday's game for $61.50 per ticket in the Gold section and for $43.50 per ticket in the Silver section. Please note that these prices may be subject to fees. To purchase your seats at this great price, click here, and enter the promo code TOUCHDOWN when prompted.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto cheering on the Ticats!

Where do most cat fans sit during the game in toronto? Section 127/128..or other side towards the scoreboard? Wre tryin to find seats where wed be near ticat fans